Saturday, November 15, 2008

Joy Ride

Last Thursday I had to pick up a bunch of boxes, so I had to stow/fold down my back seat in my van. I had set up the seat again and had faith that the legs of the seat had locked into the latches. So Friday morning, I loaded all the boys into the car so we could go to the school. Porter was the only one sitting in the very back and I backed out of the driveway. I accelerated to head down the street when I heard a big THUD!! I looked back to see Porter's feet in the air - the seat hadn't latched and had fallen backward - with him in it!!! I was so suprised; I quickly stopped the car and turned around to make sure he was o.k. He sat the seat up and I asked him, "Porter - are you o.k.?"

"Yea, mom. I'm o.k." he said. "Weeee!"

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ode to Rhett

Today is Rhett's birthday so, Happy Birthday Rhett!! Thank you for being such a great husband, provider, dad, friend, and so much more. I love you!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Fun!!

Halloween started a day early with my preschool Halloween party on Thursday. All the kids came in their costumes and we had a blast playing pumpkin bowling, pin the nose on the witch, ring-the-pumpkin, halloween matching, and making paperbag pumpkins. We had a snack of bugs (hotdogs cut in half and wrapped in refrigerated breadsticks with chinese noodles for legs and attenea), apples, and skull sugar cookies. The kids went home with all sorts of toys and prizes and a witch's hand (popcorn in a glove with candy corn for fingernails). The kids' costumes were great; we had Wendy, Optimus Prime, a ninja, Batman, a policeman and a fireman.
Thursday night, we carved our pumpkins. We grew enough in our garden for each of us to have one, although they weren't quite the size they were last year. Porter designed the face on his and we carved a football for Andrew, since he is quite the football fanatic. Zach designed his from his Optimus Prime mask and Rhett did a great job carving his pumpkin and green chili in celebration of our home here in Albuquerque.

If you know me, you know I'm notorious for fixing "special" foods on Halloween. I plan weeks in advance each of the three meals for the day and goodies as well. Halloween morning started off with spiderweb pancakes.

Lunch was leftover bugs (I'm so sad I didn't get a picure) and dinner was bones and blood (pasta and spaghetti sauce baked with cheese on top), spiders (from breadsticks) and greenworms (green beans) served on these adorable plates Rhett's mom sent us! When Porter got out of school, the boys put on their costumes and we headed to Rhett's work to trick-or-treat around his office. Then it was home for dinner and more trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. Porter was a motorcross motorcycle guy, Zach was Optimus Prime, and Andrew was a football player. It was so funny to see each of them get into "character" as they got in their costumes. Andrew was a trooper - he ended up with the most candy which made his pumpkin quite heavy. But he would not let anyone else carry it for him! I think he was so suprised that eveyone was giving him candy and he wasn't going to let it out of his sight! He was in heaven because I would open every piece of candy he would bring to me!

We gorged on candy, candy and more candy, then it was off to bed! I love Halloween!