Monday, March 30, 2009


This has become a popular scene around our place lately:I got some of the Magic Treehouse books a while ago for Porter
and he got more from his grandma over Christmas.
However, he never showed any interest in them -
Until this past week
Today he started his fifth book -
in about five days.
His mind absorbs them like a sponge
I think he read one whole book in one day.
I love that he loves to read.
He sits in my "reading" spot on the couch
and stores his current book
in the crevice of the couch where I usually store mine...
I'm starting to panic that he's running out of books
and I don't want the interest trend to end
I better start raiding the library...

In other news,
I got two scrapbook layouts done today!!
(thank goodness for idea magazines)
I was feeling really good about myself
(despite the fact that the layouts were for early 2007)
until I was going through pictures on the computer
and discovered that I haven't even printed
some pictures from late 2006...
Oh well, just add them to the pile.

I've discovered something fabulous...
pre-made, frozen dinners.
(I know, some of you have already been enjoying this great time saver)
I did one last week,
then with next week being so busy with family
I decided to do a little planning.
On Saturday, I made two different dinners to put in the freezer
and it only took an hour to prepare them both!
Tonight we enjoyed Chicken Rice Wraps -
which I usually double so we have some
for days we need something easy to eat.
Next week, we'll enjoy another.
I love being able to just pop them in a dish
and put it in the oven.
Saves time, saves pots and pans
I don't know why I didn't think of doing this before.
The only bad part is my freezer
(the little one that comes with the apartment)
is overflowing; you have to be really careful
when opening the door
so that frozen meat doesn't come crashing down on your toe...
and we have to tape it shut (hehe).
One day we came home after being out for a couple of hours
to find the meat that I had just bought that day
on the floor
and the ice melted
and some other things a bit thawed...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday, Sunday

What a regular Sunday...
Sleeping in, lazing around, church
Then more lazing around.

Saturday we did chores,
then all the boys got haircuts.
We hung out for a while,
then Mike and Laura came over
for a round of Seinfield Scene it.
The best part of the night??
Me, who probably knows the least about Seinfield
won the game...
I'm never playing again...
(gotta leave on a high note -
In true George Constanza style :) )

This week is a normal one
Until the weekend
Rhett heads to Vernal Monday.
He just got home from three days in Idaho on Friday
Worked half of Saturday,
And he has to leave again.

My parents, little brother, and sister and her girls are coming this weekend
We'll go to Conference
then spend the rest of the week hanging out and
I have so much I want to get done.
I'm planning on scrapping my butt off... :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Zach's Big News

Zach lost his first tooth today!!

After days of wiggling and pulling,
wiggling and pulling,
his tooth was finally loose enough to come out this morning.
He couldn't stop grinning
and grinned at everyone he saw.
He's very excited for the Tooth Fairy tonight.
(I just hope she remembers...)

Melissa came down this afternoon from Logan
She needed Andrew's help with her homework.
We picked up Porter for school
then it was to Sports Authority for soccer shoes.
Rhett came home a bit earlier from work;
but just in time to eat, pack the rest of his bag
and head out the door for the drive to Idaho.
He promised the boys he would bring them back a potato...

The boys are in bed
Andrew's watching Caillou and will be in bed shortly
I will probably follow shortly after
I'm so tired.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Just when you thought it was safe...

After a fabulous, sun-shiny, warm week and weekend,
we woke up to this:

What the...??? SNOW?!?!? Who ordered the cold stuff??

After not snowing hardly a lick all winter,
the white stuff reared it's chilly head
and reminded us all that the best snow in Utah
usually comes in March and April....

I would have preferred to spend the day inside,
however, I had to grocery shop
since it didn't get done on Saturday
(because we were busy doing other, fun things.)
So I braved Wal-Mart with Zach and Andrew in tow.
I really dislike taking the kids grocery shopping;
my patience is usually shot about half-way through.

But we survived two stores
(darn that wal-mart that doesn't have acini de pepe pasta
for my craved frog-eye salad)
and got the jitters out at Grandma's for a while.
Then it was to the school for Porter
and home for clean-up and dinner
and banana bread... YUM!!

Rumor has it it's going to snow/rain all week
We'll stay in tomorrow
then pick up Porter at school and take him to get soccer shoes.
He has his first practice on Wednesday -
He's pretty excited.

We were lucky to have Rhett home tonight
since he didn't have to go to Vernal today.
However, it turns bitter -
He's headed to St. Anthony, Idaho tomorrow
and will be gone til Friday.
So I get to play "single mom" all week...


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Saturday is a Special Day

Yesterday was another fabulous day.
The boys got up, watched their cartoons,
then did their chores willingly
and got their precious "Penny Store."
We were expecting Aunt Melissa in the afternoon
but she called to say she was sick
and didn't want to share...
(Feel better, Leepie!!)

So we called Rhett up at work
and met him downtown for a great time.
We rode Trax to Temple Square,
and visited the Church History Museum.
I loved going through the different stages of church history
and explaining all the stories to the boys.

Then it was upstairs to the "I Am A Child of God" exhibit
made just for kids.
There was coloring, temple building, CTR rubbing,
and much, much more.
What a fun way to have the kids enjoy the gospel.

When we got out fill, we walked over to temple square.
The grounds were beautiful as always,
with the first spring flowers
showing their brilliant colors.
It was pretty now, but in a month
it's going to be gorgeous.
I can't wait to be there for conference
I may not be able to resist spending the time outside with the flowers...

We hung out by the reflecting pool,
walked along the flower beds
and saw a new bride and groom
fresh in their new life together.
I took lots of pictures...
here's a few:

The last one is my favorite...

Today, we only have 2 hours of church.
The Draper temple dedication is today at 4:30
and since our church goes until 4:00,
they are cutting it short so those that are attending the dedication
can make it on time.
They had asked Rhett and I to speak
but we found out last minute yesterday that they are making some changes
and need the time for testimonies
But we still have a standing invitation for sometime next month...

Better get moving...

Friday, March 20, 2009


Today was another beautiful day.
I love springtime
The sun, the warmth,
the flowers and trees starting to grow and bud
with their promise of color
I really can't wait
It's my favorite.

We had to spend time out today.
Zach, Andrew and I went out a little earlier
to meet Porter at the bus
And spent the extra time flying down the hill on their bikes
There's not a more wonderful sound
than the laughter of a child.

We are missing our backyard right now
and the freedom the boys had of being able to roam
out in the grass, in the open.
In an attempt to get them safely outside,
yesterday we got a box, sand, and toys
and Wa-la!
Instant sand box!
Andrew could have spent all day
out there on the patio
dumping, pouring, filling and emptying
the other boys had their time as well
Mission accomplished

An hour before dinner was to be made
we headed back outside for more sunshine
We landed at the playground
for climbing, slides and a game of tag
On the way back,
Andrew insisted on being carried
I didn't want to
So he planted his feet and presumed his "pouty face"
Arms folded, frowny mouth, and sad eyes

I gave in (I always do)
(for the sake of getting home in a reasonable time, of course)
The pizza was made, ice cream for treat
and then off to bed -
For the boys, of course.

I'm looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow
the morning routine calls for chores to be done,
then the "penny store" for the boys
(rewards to "buy" with tickets earned throughout the week for getting their chores done)
Rhett will be working -
Hopefully it will be easy going tomorrow.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I've been Productive!

I was busy yesterday! Look what I got done:

1. Make a double batch of pizza dough - half I put in the freezer for our pizza night on Friday; the other half I divided into 6 pieces and made these cute little cooked pizza crusts for quick-make pizzas. When they were cool, I put them in a freezer bag and put them in the freezer to pull out the next time the boys need a quick pizza lunch!

2. Make a batch of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. If you like the ones from the store, then these are for you. Soft, chocolatly, and super yummy, I'm suprised we still have some left. Zach and Andrew helped, so it was a family affair. What did I do with the rest of the big can of pumpkin? Put it in small tupperwares and stuck in the freezer for use next time! These cookies are really good for breakfast, too!! :)

3. Spent some time in the wonderful sunshine! The boys got their bikes and we tootled around the complex and played on the two playgrounds they have here. Notice anything?? NO COATS!! I love that spring is right around the corner!!

4. Rhett came home a little earlier than usual, while it was still light outside, so we took the boys and went over to the grassier area and played football for a while. We ended up at the playground for a while also. It was so fun to spend some time together as a family playing!

I even got, with the help of the boys, the apartment cleaned up and vacuumed, and our new Utah plates put on the van. I've even got some scrapbooking done! I've completed two layouts!! Hopefully the motivation and productivitiy continues...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The latest

There really hasn't been much going on to blog about lately (which sounds really pathetic). We spend most of our days sitting around in our tiny apartment, taking care of the needs for the day and figuring out things to do. I've read 5 books since the new year started and am in my sixth. Needless to say, we're just biding our time until we make the move to Vernal.

Porter has learned to whistle. I think he whistled the whole time he was home the first day he figured out how. He was chosen as Student of the Month in his class last month for showing the quality of respect. He is doing great in school and reads anything and everything. His favorite thing is dinosaurs and he dreams of "digging up dinosaurs" when he grows up. I guess Vernal will be the perfect place for him. His top front teeth are finally growing in - which I am glad, yet I miss his toothless grins.

This is a common scene on our house: Zach in a cape, gloves and sometimes more with a light saber. He takes on a new character everyday. One of his favorite things is to "build" with his Lego's and he makes some pretty cool stuff. He's become my inquisitive child - always asking questions every moment of the day. He's become very curious about what words mean and has always got something on his mind.

Andrew's new favorite thing is to color. He can constantly be found in our play room, marker in hand drawing various scribbles and lines. He has mastered his shapes, numbers, and colors, and is quickly learning his letters; his favorite being "A for Andrew". His most common response to my requests and comments is "huh?" It's become a game; he says, "You say Hmmm, I say Huh." Then we go back and forth for a while. He's become quite the character. His other favorite thing is to get all the games out of the closet and play - after scattering them all about.

Rhett's been feeling the pain of going back to tax accouting. The poor man is never home. He travels to Vernal every Monday with his boss and they return Tuesday evening. He usually doesn't get home from work until after 7:00 in the evening during the week and is working Saturdays as well. Needless to say, we are both can't wait for April 16th. But regardless, we are very thankful that he has a good job.

I'm trying to maintain sanity in our cave of an apartment. I thought I'd get lots of scrapbooking done, but to no avail. I even made a goal of finishing one layout every week, but that hasn't helped either. I'm much more content reading a book or watching a random movie on TV. Any suggestions on how to get motivated again??