Sunday, October 23, 2011


This month marks the second anniversary of when I started running. I've always tried to exercise, but this is the longest I've ever stayed with a program. Running has taken me places and allowed me to see and do things I never thought possible. It has given me so much confidence for it has shown me I can do things that I never thought I was capable of. I love that there is always something to be working for - running faster, running farther - and has shown me my true colors on how hard I am willing to work for what I want.

I wish I had a log of all the miles I have run and the countless times I have dragged my behind out of bed before sunrise to make it to the gym. I totally understand the meaning of "the wall" and know how far it is to any point in Vernal. I have run in temperatures as cold as 17 degrees and as warm as 90. I know all about gels, Gu's, powerbars, energy blocks, and sports drinks. I have enough running clothes for them to have their own load of laundry and am on my fourth pair of shoes. I have my own water bottles and know that it's almost impossible to drink out of a cup while running without getting soaking wet. I have been so sore I had to go down the stairs on my behind and so exhausted I couldn't move another muscle.

In the two years, I have run five half marathons and as of this past weekend, run three 200-ish mile relays.

And I can't wait to do more.