Friday, January 30, 2009

Stephanie Needs

I saw this on my Aunt Myrna's blog. Type in your name and "needs" into your favorite search engine and see what comes up. Here are mine:

1. Stephanie needs to speak up!

2. Stephanie needs help! (don't we all??)

3. Stephanie needs someone to take NEW photos for her. (this one is the truth - I've been trying to get our family photos taken, but have had to wait two weeks because of bumped heads!)

4. Stephanie needs a new storyline. (is my life really that bad?)

5. Stephanie needs rhinoplasty surgery (I thought my nose looked just fine!! Now my hips and chest are another story... :) )

6. Stephanie needs a date for Valentine's day. (Thank goodness I never have to worry about this one ever again!)

7. Stephanie needs life on the farm. (perhaps that's why we're moving to Vernal)

What are your needs??

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Recruit

This is a requirement to be a Hunt boy.

In this first picture, Porter is 5 and Zach is 3 - the picture was taken almost 2 years ago.

The second was taken yesterday - Zach is 5 and Andrew 2 1/2.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Sick Day

This morning, Porter and Zach woke up sick, so we took a lazy day. We've watched plenty of morning cartoons, three movies - The Three Amigos (Porter's new favorite - something to get them off Spaceballs), Muppets in Space, and Transformers. And Andrew's watching Nemo. I've taken advantage of the down time and made spaghetti sauce, carrot puree, sweet potato puree, and butternut squash puree (I'm trying some recipes from Jessica Seinfield's book Deceptivly Delicious). Tomorrow is bagels and maybe english muffins. I really like lazy days...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Birthday, Zach!

Today Zachary turned five and he had a great day! We spent Monday up in Logan with Matt, Amanda, Kate, Melissa, and Dave and an early celebration. Then today Grandma Hunt took him to lunch and shopping for whatever he wanted. Afterwards, they got Porter and went to Grandma's house to play (Wii, most likely), then they came back to our house with Grandpa for Zach's choice of a pizza dinner. His cake request this year was to have a Transformer cake, and he decided on the Decepticon icon. I (don't know what I was thinking) decided to try my hand at doing fondant... which was quite interesting and definitely a learning experience (give yourself ALL DAY to do the cake!!). Nevertheless, the cake turned out great (if I don't say so myself) and Zach was pleased - which is all that matters.

Happy Birthday, Zach!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Any volunteers?

Anyone up for gaining a few pounds??

Check this out -


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Snow fun!!

We didn't realize how much we had missed the snow until we were in it again - and we couldn't resist going sledding!! It was a blast and each boy took their turn going down with Rhett... again and again and again.

Christmas '08

Christmas was great this year. We kept it small, and I think it was the best one yet - mainly because the boys know what's going on. I don't know who was more excited Christmas morning - the boys or Rhett!