Sunday, December 20, 2009

Four Months Old

This little baby
is such a fun little person.
And his personality grows more and more each day.
Now that he's four months
I've had to officially get out the bigger clothes.
I get sad when I have to do that
because it means my baby
is getting bigger and becoming less and less
a baby -

He's starting to laugh a little when we tickle him
and is starting to reach out and grab things.
He's chats up a storm when he's in a good mood
and loves to flash his adorable smile -
especially to his mommy!
His favorite thing is to be sitting up
or held facing out
so he can watch everything that is going on.

We sure love our little Oliver!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

For Your Entertainment

Just some cute pictures that were on the camera..
Now that Porter is 8 years old,
he gets to participate in Cub Scouts.
He loved his first meeting last week
and is so excited to go again today!

Next, this is what happens
when you try to take pictures of your baby
and there are three other silly boys around:

But aren't they cute??

Monday, December 14, 2009

A "Roaring" Good Time!

Porter's Birthday party was on Saturday.
He decided on a Dinosaur theme
So I worked all week
(And paid a bit more for fast shipping)
to put together some fun activities.
I was a little nervous and stressed about the whole thing
wondering if the kids would be entertained
and if we had enough to do for the time.
This is the first party any of my kids have had.
But I have to say,
it was one of the most smoothly run,
fun party
there ever was.

While we waited for the kids to arrive,
they made dinosaur teeth and fossils
out of white clay
which we would then baked
and made into necklaces at the end of the party.

Our next activity was a treasure hunt.
I told the kids some paleontologists had found a nest of dinosaur eggs
and the kids needed to follow clues to find them
before the hungry dinosaurs did.
Rhett made up some awesome clues
that had the kids running all over the house
to each spot and eventually to the nest of eggs.

For the third activity,
I had taken some dinosaur skeleton toys
and packed them in a mixture of
dirt, sand, flour, salt, and water.
After drying them out in the oven,
they looked like rocks.

I told the kids that some paleontologists had found the rocks
and there was dinosaur bones inside
and they needed the kids' help to get them out.
I armed them with screws, hammers, brushes, and knives
as tools to use to dig the dinosaur bones out.
It was quite funny to watch
some would just scrape the dirt out quickly
while others would chip a little away here
and a little away there.
(Yes, that is Andrew with a hammer...)
Luckily, for time's sake,
the insides were still soft
or we would probably still be chipping away...

Porter opened his presents,
then we sang Happy Birthday
and had homemade ice cream cake -
with dinosaurs on top, of course.

We had a blast!
And Porter had a great time
which is really all that matters!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Porter!

Porter turned 8 years old today!

Wow -
Nothing makes you feel older than
having your kids get old.
He had a great birthday
filled with presents, cake,
and lots of video game playing
for he got just what he wanted:
Rock Band and a Guitar for the Wii.
I don't know who enjoys it more;
Porter because he gets to play,
or us watching him rock out
and Andrew being his background dancer...
He gets a friend party this year
which will be held next Saturday.
He's chosen a dinosaur theme
(no suprise)
and we have lots of games and activities planned.
He's also very excited to be baptized.
He's such a good kid
and we love having him in our family.
Happy Birthday, son!


Thanksgiving week was a busy time
but it was so much fun.
We left home Tuesday and traveled to Salt Lake
We seemed to be doing something every minute of the days
and loved spending time with all the family.
Here's a rundown:

Tuesday -
Got to Grandma Hunt's house
Hung out with Aunt Laura, Boozer and Abby.

Wednesday -
I baked two pumpkin pies
thenwe went playing with Jenny, Savvy and Vanessa
at Classic Skating Fun Center
Where we rode bikes and scooters,
roller skated (which I haven't done in YEARS!
and it was so much fun!)
played on the bounce houses
And climbed in the jungle maze
Then we got home
and I had a Girl's Night Out
with Mom Hunt, Laura, Emily, and Stephanee
to dinner and to see New Moon.

Thursday -
Ran a 5K in 33:55.3
Baked a yummy Apple pie
Ate a delicious Thanksgiving dinner
and spent wonderful time with the family.

Friday -
We stayed warm in our beds
thinking of all the crazies out there on Black Friday
The boys built an awesome snowman
And that night we went with Grandma and Grandpa Hunt
to see the lights on Temple Square.

Saturday -
We got up and headed to Logan to see all my family
The girls went shopping
Later that evening, we went to the Fun Center
and roller skated (again)
and the kids climbed through the jungle gym
The boys had a slumber party with Cousin Kate
Who was too funny,
for when the lights were turned off
she promptly came out of the room
blanket in hand
and announced she was sleeping on the couch!
Sunday -
We went to church with Matt and Amanda
who were blessing their sweet baby, Gabriella
We left Logan Sunday afternoon to head home.
What a great week!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Little Boy Language

I love listening to the boys.
It's so fun to watch them learn
about everyday life
and the terms that go with it.
For example,
for dinner today, we had
Turkey Popeye
And counted to
and before bed, read from the
Doctor and Covenants.
Love it!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Old Man Zach

I walked into the playroom this morning
to find Zach coloring with the markers
and his face decorated...

I said
"Zach, why did you color your face like that?"
His reply:
"Because I wanted to be an old man!"

I guess being only 5 just isn't working for him...

Three Months Old

Three months has passed now
since we had our sweet Oliver.
It's amazing to think it's already been that long
yet it's been such a short amount of time.

He has turned into quite the smiler
and he loves to "talk"
His most favorite place to be is on his changing table.
He can be crying inconsolably,
but the minute you put him on the table and remove his pants,
he's all smiles.
He is the squirmiest child ever
and never holds still.
We have to keep an eye on him on the changing table
or he will push himself back with his feet
and scoot himself off the table.

He's getting better at night.
He was waking up again -
more out of habit than real hunger.
But a night in dad's arms broke the habit
and we're back to sleeping all night.
Although during the day
he prefers to sleep in our arms
or sometimes in the swing.

He's such a sweet baby.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


We woke up to an inch or two of snow on Friday.
The boys were so excited to play in it,
they didn't even wait to get dressed.
They just put on their coats, gloves and hats
over their pajamas
and proceeded to throw snowballs
at anything that moved.
Porter spent an hour outside
with his friends after school playing in it.
The funny thing is,
we can't get the boys to play outside
when it's nice and sunny.
But add a little snow
(and chilly temps)
and they don't even have to be asked -
they are out the door.
Hopefully next time we'll get enough for a decent snowman.

On another note,
Porter and I got up at 2:00 a.m. this morning,
got bundled up in our
and popcorn heating pads
and sat outside
for a bit over an hour
to watch the Leonid meteor shower.
We saw about a dozen;
but I think enjoyed looking
at all the beautiful stars even more.
There are some perks to living in a little town...


Could you resist those cheeks??

Such a Sucker

Let me begin this post with this disclaimer:
I really don't like cats.

We get a few cats that roam around our neighborhood
and when this one came by our house
looking for a little love
I couldn't help but be nice.
She is so cute.

But then she hung around
and I couldn't help but be a little nicer.
I started to feel bad for her
given it is quite chilly outside.
I put out some water for her
and even bought a bag of cat food.
I even found her a box with a blanket
for her to sleep in.

I think she's adopted us
and we "adopted" her.
She stays outside
(we aren't allowed to have pets in our rental home)
And she greets us at the door everytime it opens.
She's very friendly and the kids love her.

Such a sucker...


I have been on a real freezing meals kick lately
and one of my favorite things to freeze
is chocolate chip cookie dough.
I make a batch,
form them into balls,
the freeze them.
When you want a cookie,
Just take some out and bake them
no thawing;
and they bake up so nice and soft.


But I have found
that the frozed balls of dough
make wonderful treats as well.
I made a batch to freeze a couple weeks ago.
and that bag of cookie balls is so tempting
who wants to wait for the oven to heat up
and for them to bake.
So everytime I needed a "treat"
and yummy cookie dough ball would do
sometimes two, maybe three...

So here's my confession:
I ate the whole batch!!
never baked one...
and I know no one else ate them
(for I try to be sneaky when I do
in fear that the others will find out about
my yummy goodness -
then I would have to share!)
As I ate the last one,
I felt a twinge of guilt
along with a bit of sadness
because they were gone...

I think it's time to make a new batch...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Guess What?!?!?

Oliver slept through the night!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Pics

We had a great Halloween here in the Hunt household.
The boys were able to dress up on Friday for school;
however, it was for a vocabulary parade.
They had to think of a vocabulary word
and dress up as such
with the word and definition on the costume.
Some were quite clever;
most were just the kids in their costumes
with a proper word and definition.

Then Friday evening we made eyeball cookies
and carved the pumpkins.
The boys each had their own pumpkins and desired designs -
and as always, it ended up with the boys watching a movie
while Rhett and I were busy creating and carving such designs.
The pumpkins did turn out pretty cool though.
Porter carved a little pumpkin at school earlier in the week;
Rhett did a dinosaur one,
and I carved Zach's little pumpkin,
Andrew's doggy pumpkin
and an Aggie football helmet (Porter's desired design).

Halloween lunch was apple teeth and mummy dogs,
and mummy ham and cheese sandwich for dinner
with beetle wings (chips)
and frankenstein fingers (carrots) for dinner.
We then got the boys in their costumes
and went out the door.

They have a big carnival at the Community Center
with games and things for the kids,
so we headed that way,
then stopped at the ward party on the way home.
Rhett took the boys trick-or-treating afterwards;
they came home with some full size candy bars and cans of soda!

Needless to say, we had a great halloween... hence the many pictures...