Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What do you remember?

A few of my friends have this on their blog- and I thought it was a really cute idea!

1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you know me a little or a lot, anything you remember as long as it's nice;)!

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you. Come and play!


Darrell and Alissa said...

OK- I have to think a minute- there are so many to choose from!
When we recieved your mail and Darrell returned it- the first thing he said when he came home was- she scared me- I think she's mean!
The many many Friday nights we hung out at each others houses until Rhett got himself grounded for telling something- I don't remember what it was.
You guys will forever be Wreck, Quarter and Steppy.
How bout when I asked you to run me and Ashlee to the doctor since she was covered in a crazy rash- next thing we knew Porter had Rosiola also- sorry bout that!!
I remember feeling so comfortable with you and Rhett- you were great neighbors- any thoughts on moving here?!

Katie said...

So many to choose from, but I remember the most about New Years Parties at your house and getting ready for the stake dance, riding in bro's mustang to go bowling and when I finally had a big 'sister' to live at my house and clothes that fit :)!! So many fun times!!

Jana Perkins said...

All I have to say is a few words and you will know the memories I speak of: Jeep, at night, Sunglasses, ordering food. There are so many good times.

Katie said...

Canning 50 million tons of food at my house! Rice, Wheat, Flour, Sugar, etc. Going back to the canner because we didn't have enought cans and waiting an hour for the sister to check us out. Then subway for lunch (my favorite part). We should be blessed for our canning experience!

Ryan and Debra said...

OK, so I got a little upset about you having your baby before me...first of all, I was still pregnant and You were only the 3rd in our ward that was supposed to have your baby after me and had them before. No fair!
Also, I remember first meeting you at VMH, Case Management, One of my favorite jobs. It was fun when we realized you were in our ward.They were fun times!

Melissa said...

I remember when you had your red bug, and we went to the Tower Records store. As we were getting out of the car, you were explaining to me that I could lock my door but you couldn't lock yours because it was broken. Then you shut the door and said "Oh shoot" because in the process of explaining the door-locking situation to me, you locked your door. So then we had to go inside the store and ask to borrow a screwdriver, and the guy at the desk looked at us really funny and said "You know, you're the second person to ask me that today."

And, of course, there are many more memories than just that, because you are my sister.

Melissa and Luke said...

I remember what a good beehive teacher you were to our cute girls. I was always so capitvated by your lessons and amazed by your spirituality. I miss working with you, wish you were still in our neighborhood.:(