Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Life in Pictures

I have so much fun with my new camera. And my most favorite subjects, other than flowers, are my boys. I could take pictures of them all day and I have come to realize that a picture is truly worth a thousand words. I love getting pictures of them doing their everyday things. I'm not the best at journaling - I don't keep a journal of my own, and I'm so behind on my scrapbooking that my journaling in them gets done sometimes a year after the fact. But I'm loving taking pictures and trying to create in them a story or reminder of what the boys are like; what their personality is at that time, what they love to do, accomplishments, and even just what they look like (since the change so much every day). I downloaded another 150 pictures today and here are my favorites:

The other day Zach decided that he wanted a sandwich for lunch. I told him to get everything out; I had to do something really quick, then I would fix it for him. When I came back into the kitchen, he commented, "Look mom! I got all the stuff and I'm making my sandwich by myself!" Feeling immediately lost and useless, I figured I could take part in his moment by taking some pictures. He needed no help; although I did show him the trick of wiping his knife clean after the peanut butter so he didn't get any in the jelly. He talked the whole time about how cool it was that he fixed his own sandwich. I loved the look of accomplishment on his face while he was eating the fruit of his hard work...
Like said in my previous post, Andrew is into anything that has to do with balls. Hockey, baseball, basketball, football, you name, he wants to play. When he first goes out to play baseball, he collects all the balls (and we have many) and lines them all up in a row on the grass. Then he grabs the bat, assumes his stance and says, "Mom! Ready!" He's quite the slugger when he does connect with the ball. When I have pitched him all the balls, he hands me the bat with a "Mom's turn!" and procedes to collect all the balls again and line them up. He then pitches to me, holloring to me to "Run!" when I hit the ball. When all the balls have been used, he takes the bat and it all continues again. When he's done with baseball, it's on to football with a "Mom! Hike!" He is truly all boy.

The next is a little ode to football. Last week, while my neighbor, Katie, and I were making our 366 cake balls for the school teachers, our kids were playing in the backyard. The girls had made this cake with sand, beanbags, and the football, and I couldn't help but laugh and take a picture of their creation.

These last ones are just some favorites of my boys. They each have such expressive faces. They are so handsome!


Kyle & Michelle said...

Looking at your fun pictures makes me want a new camera! Love the football cake!

Bryan and Janelle Guymon said...

LOVE your pictures!! Your boys are so handsome, and now I want a new camera, too!! :)