Friday, January 30, 2009

Stephanie Needs

I saw this on my Aunt Myrna's blog. Type in your name and "needs" into your favorite search engine and see what comes up. Here are mine:

1. Stephanie needs to speak up!

2. Stephanie needs help! (don't we all??)

3. Stephanie needs someone to take NEW photos for her. (this one is the truth - I've been trying to get our family photos taken, but have had to wait two weeks because of bumped heads!)

4. Stephanie needs a new storyline. (is my life really that bad?)

5. Stephanie needs rhinoplasty surgery (I thought my nose looked just fine!! Now my hips and chest are another story... :) )

6. Stephanie needs a date for Valentine's day. (Thank goodness I never have to worry about this one ever again!)

7. Stephanie needs life on the farm. (perhaps that's why we're moving to Vernal)

What are your needs??


Sara said...

Oh Stephanie, I think you're beautiful. The hips and chest thing are a pretty general concern, I'm afraid . . . after babies and age . . . Hey, if I lived with you, you wouldn't feel so insecure about yourself all the time!!! Hahahaha! You're so pretty and I always thought that, just didn't say it enough I guess. Sorry, pretty little petite Stephanie.

Darrell and Alissa said...

That is really funny! I'm going to have to do it too! Chest and hip help- don't we all wish there was a miracle cure! The chest is killing me! Mine was decent sized when we got married- and I have just been amazed! After nursing each baby, I think they can't sag any lower, then another baby comes, and holy cow- they can sag lower!! Nipples in the belly button- I never would have thought it possible- now I'm not so sure!!

The Nielsens said...

Love it!!