Friday, January 22, 2010

5 Months Old!

Another month has passed with this cute little boy.
He is changing so fast that sometimes I feel like
I'm looking at him for the first time.
I think he had learned and progressed the most
in the past month.
He is such a curious and busy little person.
He loves to be sitting up and in the middle of the action.
His favorite place is in my sling
sitting facing out, kangaroo-pouch style
where he can be with me and be able to see
everything that is going on.

He's always reaching out for everything
whether it's his toes, toys, or anything he can get his hands on.
He's learned that to be noticed he needs to be loud
and has no problem letting us know he's there.
He is the squirmiest thing ever
(which can get quite uncomfortable when he's eating)
I'm worried about when he starts moving -
he's going to be everywhere!

He is still such a joy
and I wouldn't change him for anything!

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Laina said...

That pic of the feet is SUPER cute!!!