Monday, February 1, 2010

My Quest

One of my New Year's Resolutions this year
(besides completing every unfinished project
that is cluttering my craft area)
is to find breakfast and lunch alternatives.
Most of the time, breakfast consists of cold cereal;
and lunch was a big chaotic
considering I have to have Zach fed before he goes to school.
Plus, he and Andrew always pick different things,
so I was getting bread out for this,
and cheese out for that
and then there was this fruit and that vegetable
and then trying to decide something for me.
And the boys were eating the same thing

So I decided to make things a little bit easier
and along with planning my dinner menu each week
I plan a breakfast and lunch one as well.
This is the second week I have done this
and I am loving it.
When lunch rolls around,
I make one thing, along with the planned side
and serve it to the boys.
Some of the meals require a bit of planning and cooking
but it's so nice to have something different.
Last week was tacos,
buttered noodles with parmesan cheese,
grilled cheese with noodle soup.
Today we had these:
Pizza muffins (as Zach called them)
with applesauce as a side
and they were a hit.
Sometimes I alter the sides for me,
adding a green salad, or vegetable soup
to make the meal more "adult."

I have been doing the same with breakfast -
last week was banana pancakes
hot cinnamon rolls and fruit
and oatmeal.
The boys have to settle with cold cereal
on the days I go the gym.
But I have loved the simplicity
and the creativity in deciding what to fix
and how to serve it.

And I think the boys like it, too.


Ryan and Debra said...

oohh...can you send me your meal plans and recipes (if you have them)...this really is what I need to do.

Kyle/Michelle said...

That is SO funny because that is exactly one of MY New Years resolutions as well! I'd love the pizza muffin recipe! :)

Arizona Nielsens said...

So you just moved up a few notches on the totem pole. We need a new name for you cause Super Woman just doesn't do it. My kids will turn out just fine if I try just a little bit to be like you. Way to go, Steph!

Jana Perkins said...

Brillant! Keeping it fresh with breakfast and lunch is so hard. All my kids want is PB & Honey sandwhiches these days.

Heads up on the breakfast thing, I've found that getting those large salad dressing kind of containers and filling them with pancake batter or scrambled eggs the night before helps for a quickly made breakfast in the morning. Check my recipe blog for ideas.

Good luck!

Katie said...

great ideas Steph! I'm with Jenny though. If I am half the mom you are I'll be doing great! Do you still have your recipe blog?

Laina said...

You rock! What great ideas! I just started a cooking blog for some friends so we can all swap recipes (to get new ideas) Facebook me if you are interested...although seems like you already have plenty!!!

Katie said...

I'm impressed! as always! Email the recipie for the pizza muffins :-) I think my kids will love them! Hey, I think the new neighbors are going crazy on your home. They must have massive money in the bank or a home imp loan. brinck fences, tile, landscaping. I am just laughing! No way I can keep up with the jones. Miss you! Hey! I made choc covered cherries. You would love them. COME AND GET THEM!!!