Saturday, September 22, 2007

Towels and blankets

I have been making cute hooded towels and baby blankets for the craft fair I am doing in November, but wanted to offer them to everyone as well.

The hooded towels are made of good quality adult-sized towels and are perfect for children from infancy through childhood. All my boys received one of these hooded towels when they were born and I have used them for every bath sincw and still use them. In fact, I need to keep some at the grandparents' house so we can use them when we visit! The towels are great for babies because the hood covers their head and is big enough to lay on the counter or where ever and you can wrap the baby up warmly. Plus, they are thick, so they don't soak through like the little ones you can get from the stores. The towels are big enough to wrap a bigger child, also - and my kids love to use them as capes or to be Ja-Was (from Star Wars). They make great baby shower gifts, birthday gifts, or are nice to have to use after baths, showers, or even after the pool. They are available in four colors, green, blue, yellow, or pink. However, they can be done in a towel of any color that has a matching wash cloth.

I am offering them for $15 each plus shipping. If you are interested, post a comment or you can email me.

P.S. Please excuse Zach's expression in the picture - he wasn't too thrilled about being my model!!

I also have two kind of baby blankets. They are all sized 34 inches square and are done in all sorts of cute designs. The first kind are made of the softest flannel and are perfect for babies or small chilren. The second kind are the same design, but are made of star soft-and-fluffy fabric with a satin border and back. They are my favorite! These ones are available in pink, blue, or white. The flannel ones are available for $18 plus shipping, and the S&F/satin ones are available for $22 plus shipping. The flannel ones are done in many different fabics, so let me know if you would like to see any others.
P.S. Sorry to make my blog an advertising campaign; I just love these and wanted to offer them to everyone!


Eric, Jenny and Savannah said...

So how many different things are you making for your boutique? I'm pretty impressed with how much you have done! I'll have to look through your inventory when we come to visit in a couple of weeks!

Darrell and Alissa said...

You are always making something- how in the heck do you do it with 3 boys?! I love the towels, we have a few, and the blankets look so soft!