Monday, May 18, 2009

O.K.... I'll admit it...

I'm a bit obsessed...

I found this cute game
for the new Disney movie UP
It's the Balloon Blow-up Game
and it's very fun to play.

A little disclaimer here...
I HATE video games -

o.k. - "hate" is a bit harsh,
but I really don't like them.
In my opinion,
they are a complete waste of time
and I don't like that my boys feel
like they have to get
their video game time in
every day
or their day is not complete.
I have played my share of Wii,
but I can't play for long
before I feel like I should be doing
something else
more productive...
I don't even like computer games -
they run in the same category in my book.
Life would be so much better
without the waste of time of the
PS2, Wii, X-box, etc...

But I can't get enough of this balloon game
I even dreamt about chains of balloons last night
And I can't resist playing a few
(o.k. - more than that)
games when I'm on the computer.

I may have to enforce
our 1 hour time limit rule
on myself....


Amanda said...

That's funny, I feel the exact same way about video games. One Christmas Matt bought me a game cube, how thoughtful considering he was the one that wanted it. Maybe next Christmas I'll buy him scrapbooking supplies. I'll have to check out the balloon game, I'm very intrigued.

Sara said...

Hooray! you broke 100 days to go! Good luck!

Stephanie said...

Thanks, Sara!!

Andrew asked for the balloon game today - I can't not play it if it gives him that much entertainment!! :)

Ryan and Debra said...'s pretty addicting. Do you own any webkins? There are a few games that are pretty addicting as well. For a little while Ryan and I played them quite a bit..of course it "necessary" to earn kinz cash for Bekkah to spend because she can be quite the spender.

Arizona Nielsens said...

That's funny. I guess everyone needs a break sometimes. Take it... you're supermom the rest of the time!