Saturday, May 16, 2009


One of favorite things about it getting warmer
is the popping up of all the
snowcone shacks.
I love snowcones
and today we decided to get one
after Porter's soccer game
(which they played great!)
It was the best snowcone I have ever had
finely crushed ice
lots of flavor juice
and just the right size
for just the right price
it was heaven.
I wished I had my camera with me
to capture the boys
expecially Andrew
with their first snowcone.
The moment was priceless.
My dream one day
is to get a snowshack of our own
My goal is to have the boys run it
and earn money for their missions and college.
I think it's a grand idea
Rhett rolls his eyes
every time I mention it...

Later on in the day
we headed down to the complex clubhouse
to watch a movie
in the little theatre there.
The pool is there as well
and we decided to go out by it
just for a minute...
We stuck our toes in
the water was still pretty cold.
They have a little 1 1/2 foot deep kiddie pool;
Pretty soon our pants were hiked up to our knees
to walk on the first step
Before I knew it,
the boys had their pants and shorts
hiked up to their hips
so they could walk in as deep as they could
and soon their pants were wet
and their shirts were wet
We took off the shirts
and since their pants were already pretty much soaked
they got right in
and "swam" around
until one of the managers came out
to inform us the pools weren't open yet
and asked us to get out...


Arizona Nielsens said...

What a party poooper to kick you guys out of the pool. Were you freezing cold, though? Sounds like you guys are having a great time. You should come down here to play-- there are plenty of snowcone shacks to satisfy your craving!!

Sara said...

We do water ice out here. It's wonderful! Although, it is a bit over priced, in my opinion. Anyhow, we would love to have our own water ice shop too--it's actually Tim's idea! The story about the pool is so cute.

Katie said...

You know you want to own an snow cone shop so you can eat FREE snow cones anytime you want! And I love that idea! Can friends get discounts. In El Paso they had little shops like that too. WE LOVED THEM!