Sunday, October 18, 2009

Two Months Old

Man, does time fly.
Oliver is two months old now.
He is starting to smile and coo
and I love it.

Although, we are in trouble
His favorite thing is to sleep in our bed
and he gets his way most of the time
(mainly so I can get some sleep)
I've never kept a baby in my room this long
And while it's very convienent for night feedings
I'm afraid it's going to be rough
When we move him to sleep in his own room.
He prefers to sleep in our arms during the day as well
which makes it very hard to accomplish things some days
Oh well - I'm just going to enjoy
that he likes to be held
And I really wish I could just rock him all day
Without the constant nagging in my head
of things that need to be done

Here's a new batch of pictures
to see how much he has grown and changed
In the past month


Grandma P said...

Cute, cute, cute and cute! Can't believe how much that littlest boy has changed just in this past week. What fun!

I found this website that all you young moms need to check out -

Read some of the articles and then hold your babies a little longer and let the laundry and dishes go. There will be plenty of time later to do those things - take it from this "old" mom.

Myrna said...

Steph...he's adorable. Growing a bit too fast for me though!

I agree with Grandpa P, the dishes and laundry can wait!! Rock away!!

Amanda said...

He really is adorable. You make cute kids. We're struggling with the same sleep issue, hopefully it's something they grow out of. Also, I love that quilt he's laying on, did you make it?

Ryan and Debra said...

He is getting so big...You have such handsome boys! Did you make that quilt? It's way cute!

Katie said...

Cute boys! Book Fair was great...wish you were there!