Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Oliver!

Today my little baby turned 1!
He has grow to be a sweet person
and we are so glad he's in our family.
He is a total momma's boy
and loves yogurt and nilla wafers.
He loves to cruise across the furniture
and has taken a couple steps on his own
but is not ready for walking just yet (whew...)

I remember thinking this time last year
that he was never going to come.
And now a year has gone by...

He has been my hardest baby by far.
We've been working on him eating solids
(I've had to be very creative since he won't eat baby food)
and he still gets up in the early morning to nurse.

But regardless, I love this little boy to pieces
and look forward to the many more years we have with him!
Happy Birthday, Oliver!


Amanda said...

Wow he really looks so much older in those pictures. He doesn't look like a little baby anymore. I can't wait to see him next weekend!

Debra said...

Happy Birthday! Has it already been a year?! Time sure does fly!