Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Zucchini Anyone?

We are part of a community garden up at the high school.
We have had a great time planting our crops
and watching them grow.

We try to get up there as often as possible
to weed and water and
especially now since it's time to harvest.
But this is what happens
when you don't get there for a week and a half:
Just tonight (and we were only there for an hour)
we picked

a bag of peas
a small bag of green beans
a bowl of jalapenos
20 ears of corn
and 30 zucchini
some of which were longer than Andrew's arm.
We'll probably go back tomorrow
to finish picking peas, green beans, corn
and see if the watermelon is ready to bring home.
And then there's the potatoes and tomatoes...

Happy Harvest!

P.S. Anyone have any good recipes that use zucchini??


Kyle/Michelle said...

I am SOOO jealous! I would love a harvest like that!

Grandma P said...

Jenny quarters it, sprinkles seasoning salt on it and barbeques it. Delicious!!! And that three bean soup with the zucchini is my favorite! We're going to be eating alot of these in a few weeks. . .

George and Ashley said...

Hi! I'm one of Rhett's old coworkers from Enterprise, and I stalk your blog sometimes so I can keep in touch :)

I tried a zuchinni Lasagna the other day that was really good: Here is the link to the recipe


Oh, and definitely make some zuchinni bread... it freezes well so you can make tons and enjoy it all winter. I wish my zuchinni plant would have produced this year. I'm pretty jealous!!

-Ashley Williams

crazygirl said...

ummmmmmm YUM!
try these!
or this.
this one looks delish.
i would love this. not sure about my kids though.
how about some cupcakes?
i love this blog....can you tell?