Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Our Halloween was very fun this year.
The boys were able to dress up in their costumes
on multiple occasions - making all the work
very worth it.
Here's our Puppy:
 our Scarecrow:
 Tim Lincecum (a pitcher for the San Francisco Giants)
 and our fierce Tiger (see those teeth??)
A lot of the fun we have on Halloween
is making all the yummy Halloween food.
Here's our Jack-o-lantern and Bat Pizza:

 the delicious Twinkie Mummies:
 Mummy dogs

 Eyeball Meatballs, Goblin fingers, green worms, and bones

Dirt pie, complete with bugs and worms for dessert
 And last, but not least, the pumpkins

Hope you had a fun Halloween -
We sure did!

P.S. Go Giants!

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Debra said...

Very Cool Halloween!