Sunday, September 12, 2010

This Week in Pictures

Another week has passed.
Here's what happened in our house:

This is Rhett's favorite time of the year - College football has begun. I remember when we first moved to Vernal and we choose not to get television service. When college football season came around, I thought Rhett was going to have a panic attack as he tried to figure out how he was going to watch the games. Rather than call the cable guy and pay him extra to have him hook up our TV in a day, Rhett found a way he could watch any game he wanted over the internet (much better than TV anyways). So on the weekends, this is what is on Rhett's computer... all day...

If I could have one wish, it would be to keep this little boy this way forever. He is the sweetest, most helpful person; and always ready with a smile. He loves to give out kisses and you can't leave or go to bed without him insisting he give you a hug and a kiss. He loves to help and will jump in with his assistance without being asked, without whine or complaint. He is so fun to be around and I love listening to him talk and laugh. I think he's been a little lonely since his brothers started school, but it's provided some wonderful opportunities for us to spend time together and play. He has grown up quite a bit since I moved him into his own room and put his clothes and things where he can reach them. He gets dressed on his own and insists on making a "lunch box" like his brothers. He loves to walk with them to the bus stop and waves goodbye and insures they get on the bus o.k.

The other morning, as I was done getting ready for the day I asked him, "How do I look?"
His response?

I did take a picture for today, but it was on the cell phone and I don't know how to get it off. Today was library day where Andrew, Oliver and I go to the library for story time. Afterwards, we picked up Rhett and had a picnic lunch at the park. Since Oliver can 'cruise' now, I let him walk along the playground. He loved it. The boys' school had a carnival later that afternoon, so we ventured over to see what all the fun was about. The boys raced in and out of bounce houses - so much that I finally just sat down on the grass and tried to keep track of them. Porter spent most of his time on the climbing wall and was quite impressive to watch. I don't mind spending the money when they kids have such a fun time... plus, it wears them out!

Andrew started preschool today. He has been very excited about this day and so have I. He's in a fantastic preschool close to home and will go for three hours, twice a week. Today they had a small open house where the kids went for one hour; they toured the school, met the teacher and other children and did a short coloring paper. He was a bit nervous at first, but once the class got going he felt more comfortable and had a great time. And while he is gone, I will only have one child at home!

When Rhett comes home for lunch, he will play video games with the boys. Today he played Rock Band with Zach. We have a guitar, drums and microphone, but since only the two of them were playing, Rhett decided he wanted to both play the drums and sing. And since he had to hold the drumsticks in both his hands, he rigged the microphone up in his shirt so he could sing into it. It was quite humorous, if you ask me.

The flags fly today in remembrance of that fateful September 11th, 9 years ago. As I think of the devastating events that happened that day, one particular memory stands out. I remember driving home from work, listening to parts of President Bush's earlier address and the many patriotic songs that were being played on the radio. As I drove down one particular street, it was lined with American flags and my heart swelled and tears came to my eyes as I became so proud to be a part of this country. From just that sight, I felt a bond - a unity with everyone who lived in this country with me. We were Americans and nothing was going to take that pride and honor away from me.

So many things happened that day. So many lives were lost and so many more lives were shattered. Nothing would ever be the same. The world became a scarier place. But the strength and compassion that formed in each person's heart from this tragedy has been remarkable. Race, religion, age, occupation, social status has all been forgotten and we are all unified in the knowledge that we are Americans.

And our resolve to never forget.

Last Christmas, Zach received a mini Millennium Falcon Lego kit. He put it together instantly, but like all other Lego kits in this house, it was demolished a few days later so the pieces could be used for other cool Lego creations. I always cringe when they do that, knowing that those sets will probably never be put back together. However, after finding the Falcon instructions, Zach decided he was going to put it together again. He worked for days - digging and searching through our box of hundreds of Lego to find every piece he needed. He is sure proud of his creation. And we are so amazed that he built it again.

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