Saturday, January 26, 2008

Bag Tag

I've been tagged to reveal the contents of my bag. I still have a purse, and even though it's a snug fit for everything I have in there, it works. Here's what I carry around:

- my wallet
- a small bottle of hand sanitizer
- a small tube of lotion
- a pack of Trident gum
- a comb (to comb the boys' messy hair - and have yet to actually use)
- a small notepad
- a pen
- cell phone (which is only in there when I go places)

Not all that exciting, but just an insight into me! I tag Alissa, Michelle, Natalie, and Deon. Let's see those bags!

1 comment:

Eric, Jenny and Savannah said...

Gosh... everything in your bag is useful!