Thursday, March 27, 2008

Finally, Our Easter Pics!

I'm sorry to all those that have been cursing me for not updating my blog lately. I had my mom, brother, dad, and sisters (that includes in-laws) with their daughters here last week for a fun Scrapbooking week! It was a blast! We played all day and scrapbooked all night. We put all the tables and supplies in my living room - it was packed! The nice part was everyone brought their paper, stamps, and embellishments and everyone used what was there. We had two Cricuts going along with about 15 cartridges and had a Cuttlebug. It was a scrapbookers heaven!

Scrapbooking is hard work! (note all the mother's asleep on the couch while the kids watch morning cartoons... thanks goodness for Dora and Diego!!)
Then there was Easter. We had an Easter Egg hunt on Friday before everyone left. As a result, Sunday was relaxing - The Easter Bunny came and left his trail of bunny "droppings" (jelly-beans) which led the boys to their baskets. I made them each a crayon roll this year - mainly so they would each have their own crayons to use in church. (there's nothing more embarassing than Andrew yelling "STOP!!" in the middle of church as Zach is trying to take "his" crayons.)

Don't I have the most handsome boys in the world?!? :)

This week has been spring break and I've totally enjoyed not having a schedule to get up to. I did still teach preschool Monday and Wednesday, so I did have to get up by 8:00, but the other days I've thoroughly enjoyed laying in bed for as long as I want to. It's really making me look forward to summertime! We've been staying busy - Monday we had the neighbor friends over (between them, the little boy I babysit and my boys, I had 6 boys at my house!!) and we took everyone to the park. Tuesday, we packed a lunch and took it over to Tingley Beach where we had a picnic and threw rocks in the water. Wednesday, Porter and Zach played all day with the neighbor kids again - I finally had them come inside at a little after 5:00. They were exhausted! But not too exhausted to go to McDonald's for ice cream cones and a little more play time on the playground. Today we had some other friends come to play. Tomorrow Rhett's staying home from work and there's talk of going to see Horton Hears a Who. I think Saturday's scheduled for getting the garden ready for planting - springtime means it's time to get planting those peas, carrots, and spinach!! I'm really excited. I love seeing the plants grow and being able to harvest and eat what I've grown myself! Not to mention the money I save...

I'm off to start dinner - we're having the missionaries over tonight and on top of making sure dinner is ready at 5:00 (we usually eat at 6:00) I have to make sure we have PLENTY to eat!


Katie said...

Wow steph you are one busy mom! Sounds like you are loving it though! I wish we were thinking of starting a garden! We are still frozen here. Thanks for the tips on food storage, i've started!! I've got flour, sugar, yeast, cereal and canned fruits and veggies already! I've come alive with it.

Eric, Jenny and Savannah said...

You guys are having a blast at your house!! Wish we were still there to play. Savvy's quite lonely here. Good luck with your garden... I've tasted the great food you produce from it!

The Perkins Family said...

Oh how I wish I could have been there for the scrapbooking extravagansa! You are so busy, what a great mom. Just remember to sleep every now and then.

Darrell and Alissa said...

How fun- and tiring! Cute and handsome boys!

Diane said...

Great Easter photos. The boys are so handsome! Have a great week!

Diane :)