Monday, March 3, 2008

Here ya go -

Thanks to everyone who comment on my first digital scrapbook page! I appreciate all the comments. I have to admit - I thought traditional scrapbooking was addictive - digital scrapbooking is worse! I have been itching all day to get on the computer and do another page. And when it's as easy as clicking a few buttons, it's hard to resist.

I know of two sites as of now that have lots of free downloads. One is The Shabby Princess (thanks Jana, for this site!). This one has tons of fun kits and papers. Everything on the site is free. And I tell you, once you get started, you can download all day! Make sure you have lots of room on your computer - the kits average 20-50 Meg of space - but they are well worth it! The other site I found is Free Digital Scrapbooking. This site has lots of cute alphabets and papers. Just click on the "Featured Freebies" at the left to find the free stuff. I would also suggest some of the other digital scrapbooking sites; many of them have freebies. And I've found the stuff to buy is really inexpensive - and the best part, is you can use them over and over and over!

Some other sites:
Digital Scrapbook Place
The Lily Pad (my personal favorite, so far)
Scrap Girls
Digital Scrapbook Pages
Peppermint Creative
Atomic Cupcake

Anyways, there are tons out there. Happy Scrapping!

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Diane said...

Thanks for the websites, Stephanie. I'm so excited to check them out. Everything is on the computer now. I don't have any pictures unless I send them to Wal-mart to get printed. So scrapbooks have pretty much been discontinued in our home. However, I really want to get into digital scrapbooking. It's expensive, so thank you for the websites with FREE stuff. :)