Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What a Weekend!!

Are you ready? We had an amazing long weekend. It all started Thursday night when we went to the Balloon Fiesta Glow. As most of you know, I've been trying to see a glow for the past two years, but the weather is usually so bad the nights we have gone that the glows are cancelled. So when Thursday night was pleasant (and rain and winds were predicted for Friday and Saturday night), we jumped at the chance to go. It was fabulous! Most of the special shape balloons were there and it was so cool to see them "glowing". The night ended with a great firework show!
Then we had to go home so we could go to bed early so the boys and I could get up early Friday morning to see the balloons again! Rhett had to go into work, so he couldn't join us, but we had great time. The balloons were amazing as always - I'm facinated everytime. The Special shape balloons took off, then others that had taken off from around the city came over the park. We hung around, and later, three helicopters (a army one, the sheriff one, and police one), 5 hovercrafts, a firetruck, an ambulance, and two police motorcycles came and parked on the grass and we were able to look and climb on them (or the boys were). According to Porter, it was "the best day ever!"
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