Sunday, August 9, 2009


Well, almost...

I know you're looking at my baby ticker and thinking,
"she's got two weeks left"
but for someone who's never been pregnant past 37 weeks
it's way past time to have this baby.
And it's amost a curse to have had my others early
because now I wonder everyday,
Is today the day??

We got back from our Hunt family vacation in Flaming Gorge yesterday
This is one of the few pictures I took:

There's not many things to take pictures of
when you're sitting back at camp... all the time.
But we had a blast anyways.
The boys loved being on the boat and
Porter was in the water every chance he could
Rhett learned he needs to start working out before we go
if he wants an easy time getting up on his ski.
Zach tried out the tube.
Andrew and I did take a short turn on the waverunner
and it was nice to be out on the water
even for a minute.

We had a bit of rough weather -
crazy wind the first night (which kept us all up)
a nasty rain storm on Thursday.
Other than that, it was kind-of clear, but cooler than normal.
We always leave with the sadness that it's over
but the excitement of going again next year.
We have it quite cushy that we are now only 1 hour away
And can go anytime we want...

Now it's time to get the boys ready for school.
I register them later this week
Zach starts kindergarten and Porter, second grade
And hopefully I'll be having a baby...

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Katie said...

Sorry steph. at least you got to go on vaccation. I hope you have him today. I will keep my fingers crossed