Monday, August 24, 2009

One Week Old

I love having a new baby in the house.
They bring such peace and love.

Oliver's birth story is much different from the other boys.
Without going into too many details, I'll tell you this:
My water broke at 1:00 a.m.,
we were at the hospital at 2:00
My epidural went in somewhat last minute
and only lasted about 20 minutes.
The anesthesiologist rushed in to give me more medicine,
but I still felt A LOT more than I bargained for
(which I guess I shouldn't complain,
since I was trying to go without one in the first place).
Oliver was born at 3:50 a.m.
The fastest labor I've ever had.

The past week, I've learned a few things
having a baby in the house again

1. Baby cheeks are meant to be kissed again, and again, and again.
2. Not being able to kiss your baby's cheeks because you are sick is torture.

3. Bringing home a newborn baby does not guarantee peace and calm in the home - especially with a 5 and 3 year old around.

4. Having a wonderful, helpful sister is a great asset to have when your mom is in Africa and can't come to help.
5. A baby can dirty a full load of laundry in one week.

6. Dumbo is a tear-jerker.
7. Prayer brings tremendous peace to a post-pregnancy, worrisome, emotional heart.
8. Staying up late is not as fun as it used to be (and not worth it) when you're getting up with a newborn and three other kids.
9. The little kids who you thought were so tiny and petite aren't so tiny and petite when compared to a newborn.
10. I have the best husband in the world - who takes great care of me and all our boys. (wait, I already knew that...)
11. I really, really love babies...


Darrell and Alissa said...

What is up with epidurals not working these days?! I was NOT going to try to go without, but had the FABULOUS opportunity to have a natural birthing expirience. I will NEVER do that again!! He is so cute- love the cheeks! Thank haeavens for quick labors when the epidural fails huh?!

Jodi said...

Steph, I'm so excited for you and Oliver. He is so so so sweet. I miss having Aliya that young. I was surprised at how sad I was when Aliya turned one week. Hope you start to feel better soon. Wish I was there to celebrate and to help. Congrats again!

Sara said...

He's precious. The newborn days go by all too quickly, and life gets so crazy too soon. I'm happy for you and wish you the best with those wonderful "first-few" weeks you have to cherish your new baby.

Ashli Dardenne said...

OH! I love kissing baby cheeks too! I totally think that's what they are put there for....just for kissing. I love babies too. Wish I was around.....I'd kiss on yours too.

Amanda said...

He is so beautiful Stephanie! I really can't wait to see and hold him. Kate is pretty excited about the new baby, she calls him "baby Oiver." You always impress me with your ability to balance it all. You really are an amazing mom. Good luck with school this week! Let us know when your up for company, we'd love to come and kiss those sweet little cheeks.

Dave and Melissa said...

Oh I wish I was there to kiss that baby. If school hadn't started yesterday, I'd be there helping you. While you may not feel like it sometimes, you're still Super-Mom!

And I agree - Dumbo is a tear-jerker.

Angie said...

Such a cute little baby!! Congratulations to both of you!! I can't wait to see him. Is life crazy for you or what?? Moving and having a baby all at the same time?? You have such cute boys!!

Jana Perkins said...

I agree, Dumbo is such a tear jerker! It's not a good kids movie. What were they thinking?

By the way, Oliver is so cute. I love the cheeks, the eyes, and the adorable smallness.

Kellsie.m.Giras said...

I toally feel ya on the laurdry thing! He is so cute!

Laina said...

He is so dang cute. Love that lil pic of him next to the stuffed animal. Tender!