Sunday, August 16, 2009

What's new in Vernal, you ask??

Well, let me tell you:

Porter got a new bike.
After spending some (paid) hours pulling weeds in the front yard,
Porter earned enough money for a new bike.
He picked it out at Wal-Mart,
and proudly walked it through the store.
He spends about every waking moment he can
outside with the neighbor kids riding and racing. As a result, Port's old bike got the training wheels put back on
and passed to Zach.
So I guess you could say
Zach got a new bike, too.
(quite the upgrade from the tricycle he'd been riding)
He wanted to try riding without the training wheels
but doesn't quite have the balance idea yet.
So the training wheels went back on...
doesn't slow him down though -
he keeps up with the other boys just fine.
Next, we got a membership to the Community Center in town
and they have a climbing wall.
Porter had been asking to try it
so last Wednesday we headed down there,
got Porter all harnessed up
and let him give it a go.
He made it to the top the first time!!
We were very impressed.
He scaled it a couple more times with no problems.
Even Rhett gave it a try -Then when we went again yesterday,
Zach gave it a climb.
He did a great job;
however, he gets a little nervous when he gets too high.
He and Rhett have a bet to see who can get to the top first.
I've been challenged,
But I need to lose a little belly weight first... :)

After climbing the wall,
we enjoy the huge indoor pool the Community Center has.
Andrew's a bit timid in the water,
but finally mastered this cool dinosaur slide.
He rotates between the slide,
and sitting out wrapped in a towel, warming up.
In our goal to take in all of Vernal's "culture"
and become true Vernal-ians
we headed to the Uintah County Fair to see the Demolition Derby.
Boy, was it a blast!
As each set of cars would come out to compete,
we would each pick our favorite to win.
We had a great time yelling and cheering them on
as they drove around in the dirt
and crashed into each other.
In between rounds were tug-of-war competitions
and a beard contest...
(nothing like small town amusement, huh?)
We dined on "fair food" of fried twinkies and fried oreos
(I highly recommend the non-fried versions)
And what derby is complete without a few car fires?
Thank goodness for the fire department...

Lastly, for those who have been reading this post
waiting for a particular announcement,
Here it is:
I HAVE NOT had the baby yet.
Which is something new to me - to be pregnant this long.
Although, to pass the time
and in an attempt to not go crazy with waiting,
I have made a few new projects -
Some embroidery things for the walls
lots of cleaning out and organizing
and have some other projects in line
to help pass the time...


Amanda said...

I am so impressed with all the cool things in Vernal. That is the coolest swimming pool with a giant dinosaur. I wish we could have come for the Demolition Derby, they are seriously my favorite! I also can't wait for you to have this baby, I keep checking all day long to see if today's the day. Hopefully for your sake it will be soon!

Rice-Ball said...

Looks like Vernal has a lot to offer. I always thought there wasn't really anything but Dinosaur tracks :) Can't wait for this baby to come out, and even more so can't wait for the pictures that will follow! Keep us posted.

Mike and Laura Dawes said...

That's awesome you guys tried climbing. Kids are naturally good climbers. Like I need to tell you. It sounds like you guys are having a great time integrating into Vernal.