Thursday, September 17, 2009

Red Cloud Loop

Labor Day weekend, we had
my mom, brother,
two sisters and their families come visit.
There are lots of driving tours here in Vernal,
so we decided to check out the Red Cloud Loop driving tour.
It was a 74 mile drive
that took us past Steinaker and Red Fleet Resevoir
through the Ashley National Forest
past Dry Fork Canyon
and back into Vernal.
It was quite an adventure
and we stopped where and when we wanted to
to see everything.
We stopped at a resevoir halfway through
for a picnic lunch.
Here's Porter attempting to touch
a huge praying mantis we met on the way.

Melissa and Zach
showing us how tough they are

Savannah and Andrew leading the way
up the hill
on the trail to see the petroglyphs

Zach, Andrew, and Savannah
with a petroglyph

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