Thursday, September 17, 2009

What we do

Since I've been an incredible slacker,
I forgot to announce that
Zach has started Kindergarten!!
He is loving everyday
and loves riding the bus to and from school
(which is a huge blessing,
so I didn't have to make three trips to the school everyday)
Here he is on his first day:
And what does Andrew do
now that everyone is gone?
we paint
we take naps
(well, at least Oliver and sometimes Andrew does)

we make forts
and do lots of reading
and doing whatever we want.
Yesterday, after taking Oliver to the doctor
we had some time
so I asked Andrew what he wanted to do.
He said he wanted to go to the playground,
so we did!
We played on the swings,
the slide, the climbing wall,
the ladder, and the monkey bars.
I even showed him how I used to hang
upside-down on the bars
like when I was a girl.
It's what we do!

1 comment:

Katie said...

I am so glad that I know how to build forts too. My boys think I am really cool because I know all the tricks.