Tuesday, September 1, 2009

This Past week

Porter started second grade last week
You've never seen a kid so excited to start school again
He loves being able to go
and play with his friends and learn.
He also started flag football with his dad as coach
They played their first game today
and did quite well.
Zach starts kindergarten on Thursday
I'm counting the days...
We met with his teacher last week
and she was very impressed with how much he already knows.
I'm anxious to see how Andrew does with all his playmates gone
I guess he does have one left... me.
I am going to start lessons with him twice a week
To give him something to do
and to provide us with some one-on-one time.
Cute little Oliver is changing already
I hate how fast babies lose their newborn look.
He's a really good baby -
Loves to sit up and look around
and is even giving me a decent stretch of sleep in the night!


Darrell and Alissa said...

Porter looks so handsome! Andrew is going to be so lost with out his brothers- good luck on playing the way they do with him. Carly has told me numerous times I don't play right.
Ollie is adorable- and I wish I could kiss and squeeze him!

Katie said...

Look how quick your kids already grew. That was fast! Andrew doesn't look so little anymore. I am glad you are getting some sleep. Can you get some for me too? With Jeff snoring and Lukas eating every 2 hours, I am a little tired still. But better than being prego any day.

Ryan and Debra said...

I bet your kids were so excited to start school. I agree with Alissa, Good Luck in playing right with him. Kaden is constantly asking when Bekkah is coming home. Good thing she is only 1/2 day.
Give me a call when you want to do some peaches. They are on and I found an awesome grove here close to town that I can hand pick.

Laina said...

That lil baby is too cute. And I love that Zack has on a Spiderman costume!??! Right? haha!

Janelle said...

Busy times for your family! Oliver is so adorable and you are right, he is looking bigger already!

Diane said...

The boys sure are handsome. Oliver is a doll! Glad to hear you're getting a good 'stretch of sleep.' Take care!