Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Pics

We had a great Halloween here in the Hunt household.
The boys were able to dress up on Friday for school;
however, it was for a vocabulary parade.
They had to think of a vocabulary word
and dress up as such
with the word and definition on the costume.
Some were quite clever;
most were just the kids in their costumes
with a proper word and definition.

Then Friday evening we made eyeball cookies
and carved the pumpkins.
The boys each had their own pumpkins and desired designs -
and as always, it ended up with the boys watching a movie
while Rhett and I were busy creating and carving such designs.
The pumpkins did turn out pretty cool though.
Porter carved a little pumpkin at school earlier in the week;
Rhett did a dinosaur one,
and I carved Zach's little pumpkin,
Andrew's doggy pumpkin
and an Aggie football helmet (Porter's desired design).

Halloween lunch was apple teeth and mummy dogs,
and mummy ham and cheese sandwich for dinner
with beetle wings (chips)
and frankenstein fingers (carrots) for dinner.
We then got the boys in their costumes
and went out the door.

They have a big carnival at the Community Center
with games and things for the kids,
so we headed that way,
then stopped at the ward party on the way home.
Rhett took the boys trick-or-treating afterwards;
they came home with some full size candy bars and cans of soda!

Needless to say, we had a great halloween... hence the many pictures...


Ryan and Debra said...

Those costumes look sooo good! Looks like you had a fun Halloween. You are such a good mom!

Amanda said...

What a good looking bunch of boys! Oliver is so darn cute, I love that smile.