Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Old Man Zach

I walked into the playroom this morning
to find Zach coloring with the markers
and his face decorated...

I said
"Zach, why did you color your face like that?"
His reply:
"Because I wanted to be an old man!"

I guess being only 5 just isn't working for him...


Ryan and Debra said...

HaHaHa! That is too funny. Was that a permanant marker? I bet it was tough to get clean!

Angie said...

That is so funny....what is it with kids and markers??? My little Ellee loves to EAT markers, and with her three siblings there tends to markers on the floor and she finds them!! So funny.
I am glad that is one that we grow out of.
Are you guys liking Vernal??? Are you freezing?? If you are going to be that cold, you might as well be in Logan... :) :)
Tell Rhett I said that :)

Jodi said...

I love how he thinks black lips and black freckles makes him look old. He is such a character!

Janelle said...

That is so funny! I have a friend whose daughter colored her self with maroon marker because she wanted to be like Pocahontas! Where do kids come up with these things?! Oh, and I love that sweet picture of Oliver! he is adorable!