Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Such a Sucker

Let me begin this post with this disclaimer:
I really don't like cats.

We get a few cats that roam around our neighborhood
and when this one came by our house
looking for a little love
I couldn't help but be nice.
She is so cute.

But then she hung around
and I couldn't help but be a little nicer.
I started to feel bad for her
given it is quite chilly outside.
I put out some water for her
and even bought a bag of cat food.
I even found her a box with a blanket
for her to sleep in.

I think she's adopted us
and we "adopted" her.
She stays outside
(we aren't allowed to have pets in our rental home)
And she greets us at the door everytime it opens.
She's very friendly and the kids love her.

Such a sucker...


Katie said...

HA!HA!HA! You are a sucker! Brandie still has the cat you almost got suckered into here! Sorry, I am still laughing! Cats are way easier to take care of than dogs. DOGS SUCK!

Arizona Nielsens said...

You have a cat!!!! Wow... I am absolutely amazed!!! Good luck with that one. Maybe she'll keep the mice away from your home. That's what the mangey cats do around here.

Amanda said...

When we come visit, Kate won't want to leave as soon as she knows you have a cat. I'm not much of a cat person either but we had one when I was in high school and it was also a stray that we adopted. There must be something about strays that makes them better.