Monday, December 14, 2009

A "Roaring" Good Time!

Porter's Birthday party was on Saturday.
He decided on a Dinosaur theme
So I worked all week
(And paid a bit more for fast shipping)
to put together some fun activities.
I was a little nervous and stressed about the whole thing
wondering if the kids would be entertained
and if we had enough to do for the time.
This is the first party any of my kids have had.
But I have to say,
it was one of the most smoothly run,
fun party
there ever was.

While we waited for the kids to arrive,
they made dinosaur teeth and fossils
out of white clay
which we would then baked
and made into necklaces at the end of the party.

Our next activity was a treasure hunt.
I told the kids some paleontologists had found a nest of dinosaur eggs
and the kids needed to follow clues to find them
before the hungry dinosaurs did.
Rhett made up some awesome clues
that had the kids running all over the house
to each spot and eventually to the nest of eggs.

For the third activity,
I had taken some dinosaur skeleton toys
and packed them in a mixture of
dirt, sand, flour, salt, and water.
After drying them out in the oven,
they looked like rocks.

I told the kids that some paleontologists had found the rocks
and there was dinosaur bones inside
and they needed the kids' help to get them out.
I armed them with screws, hammers, brushes, and knives
as tools to use to dig the dinosaur bones out.
It was quite funny to watch
some would just scrape the dirt out quickly
while others would chip a little away here
and a little away there.
(Yes, that is Andrew with a hammer...)
Luckily, for time's sake,
the insides were still soft
or we would probably still be chipping away...

Porter opened his presents,
then we sang Happy Birthday
and had homemade ice cream cake -
with dinosaurs on top, of course.

We had a blast!
And Porter had a great time
which is really all that matters!


Jodi said...

What a party! I really sounds like it was a blast. I wish I had been there to do those activities. Way to go mom! He'll remember that forever.

Ryan and Debra said...

You are such a good Mom! What a Blast!! Your boys are pretty lucky...

Jana Perkins said...

So creative! Are you free in March to plan Tyler's 5th birthday?

Katie said...

I can't believe you didn't invite us! We miss you guys. Someone was looking at your house today.