Sunday, December 6, 2009


Thanksgiving week was a busy time
but it was so much fun.
We left home Tuesday and traveled to Salt Lake
We seemed to be doing something every minute of the days
and loved spending time with all the family.
Here's a rundown:

Tuesday -
Got to Grandma Hunt's house
Hung out with Aunt Laura, Boozer and Abby.

Wednesday -
I baked two pumpkin pies
thenwe went playing with Jenny, Savvy and Vanessa
at Classic Skating Fun Center
Where we rode bikes and scooters,
roller skated (which I haven't done in YEARS!
and it was so much fun!)
played on the bounce houses
And climbed in the jungle maze
Then we got home
and I had a Girl's Night Out
with Mom Hunt, Laura, Emily, and Stephanee
to dinner and to see New Moon.

Thursday -
Ran a 5K in 33:55.3
Baked a yummy Apple pie
Ate a delicious Thanksgiving dinner
and spent wonderful time with the family.

Friday -
We stayed warm in our beds
thinking of all the crazies out there on Black Friday
The boys built an awesome snowman
And that night we went with Grandma and Grandpa Hunt
to see the lights on Temple Square.

Saturday -
We got up and headed to Logan to see all my family
The girls went shopping
Later that evening, we went to the Fun Center
and roller skated (again)
and the kids climbed through the jungle gym
The boys had a slumber party with Cousin Kate
Who was too funny,
for when the lights were turned off
she promptly came out of the room
blanket in hand
and announced she was sleeping on the couch!
Sunday -
We went to church with Matt and Amanda
who were blessing their sweet baby, Gabriella
We left Logan Sunday afternoon to head home.
What a great week!

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Angie said...

What a fun Thanksgiving!! great pictures, your boys are so cute, I am sad that we only get to see you every once in a while. Next time you come to Logan let us know!!!!