Monday, September 6, 2010

Last Week in Pictures

Here's what has been going on in our house the past week.

Remember all the zucchini we picked?
Well, I've already frozen enough of if
so I figured the only way to get rid of it now was to start baking.
I made 10 loaves of zucchini bread
and a batch of zucchini brownies.
All the neighbors received a loaf, Rhett's work got two.
And it only used about 3 1/2 zucchini -
3 1/2 out of 30.... oh boy.

This cute little boy has reached a great milestone in the past few days -
He's completely weaned.
He has been so attached to nursing for so long -
for food more than comfort -
and it has been an issued I have stressed
and worried and prayed over for a long time;
especially since we are leaving him for 5 days next week.
But I have been pleasantly suprised at how well he has adjusted
and how well he has been eating.
It has been a wonderfully smooth transition
and I am very, very grateful for it.

Oliver has also developed a love for cars.
This Mac from the movie Cars is one of his favorites
and he can be found rolling it around the couch forever...
Looks like he's taking after his biggest brother.

I let the boys have a sleepover with their friends on Friday.
Porter and Zach each got to invite one friend over
and they had a blast.
This is the playroom after they got done with it.
I don't undertand why they have to get everything out
They can't even play in the room when it looks like this.
But they had a great time -
and they picked up the room later, so it's o.k.
But boy - there was a lot of testosterone going on in this house...

My boys have a love for Legos
and they love to build all sorts of creations.
I am always amazed at what they come up with
and the intricate details of each one.
Pre-made Lego sets have nothing on them.
This is Porter's creation -
a truck with his Lego rock band on it.
Notice the singer, the guitarist, and in the back is a drummer
and even a groupie hanging off the back.
Truly amazing.

Another one of Oliver and his cars.
We have a table in the playroom upstairs
and next to it is the box of hundreds of Matchbox cars.
He pulls them out one by one
and drives them around the table.
But don't try to move him from this table
or you have a fight on your hands.

And that's our week!

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Jodi said...

What a fun week. Wish we were a part of that sleepover - what a party!

Can't wait to play next week. Seriously - I can't wait!