Tuesday, June 17, 2008


My craft table is almost clean!! Which only means I have the space now to work on my scrapbooking. I even got out my unfinished pages and the rest of the pictures for Andrew's first year (he's 2 now) in hopes of being inspired. It's not working yet...(I'm still on the computer).

Today we saw Shrek the Third at the movie theater. The boys think it's so cool to be able to go. And Andrew sat through the whole thing! It's amazing what his binky and blanket will get him to do. After was lunch at the park, then home for a cool down and rest. I love the time after lunch because Andrew usually goes down for a nap and Porter and Zach usually play upstairs. Most of the time I sit on the couch for a minute, which leads to more minutes, which leads to me getting tired, which leads to me laying down and resting for just a few minutes... which ends up me sleeping for an hour or so. However, it is never without interruption, so I don't know if it could qualify as a bonified nap. But it sure is nice to rest for a while. I hate the getting up part.

Rhett is in El Paso for the night for work. He's down there doing an audit with his boss. I sure get lazy when he's not here. Dinner was leftovers (although we usually have a night of leftovers once a week anyways), or mac-n-cheese. I did get the dishes done tonight; however, I'm leaving the rest of the house for tomorrow. I told the boys we were cleaning tomorrow so it would be nice when Dad came home. They are usually pretty good at helping. Lately I've been giving the the chore of cleaning their room and the loft and most of the time they work pretty well together. I did have to enforce a "no tattling" rule because all I would hear while they were cleaning up was how much the other wasn't doing. But they get the job done and that's all that matters.

Anyways, I'm going to get off the computer now and go scrapbook. Maybe I can get one unfinished page done. We'll see...


The Nielsens said...

I feel ya, Steph! I was cleaning my bathroom last night at 10:30 and the rest of the house tonight just so that I don't feel guilty scrapbooking. I'm breaking it all out tomorrow!!! Have fun and good luck catching up!

Natalie said...

Can I come over there to scrapbook? I keep thinking I want to- but the thought of cleaning off my table has be sitting here at the computer instead. :)