Sunday, June 15, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

We are trying to keep busy these summer days, and I think we've done a good job so far. We've been going to the park for lunch most days, have been to the pool twice, saw Rugrats at the movie theater, and have seen John Polinko's magic (Porter's going to try his trick of turning a chalk-drawn rabbit into a real rabbit), and Mr. Stinky Feet at the Library.

I have been working really hard to get my flower bed in shape. About 3/4 of what I planted last year came back (thank-goodness), so I've been working to fill in the gaps. When we got back from California, the yard had been overtaken with weeds, but after a Saturday of work, we were able to pull them all, mow the lawn and get the garden ready for planting (yes, we are getting a late start). Rhett insisted on making sure he had a place in the garden this year for his peppers, so after a trip to Walmart and two jalapeno plants and two green chili plants later, he's finally able to grow his beloved peppers.

The boys are becoming quite the ball players. Each night after dinner, once the sun is down over the wall, we go outside and enjoy the fresh, cool, evening air. They boys usually get into a game of baseball and are really good hitters. Rhett usually has to scale the wall at least a few times to fetch balls that have gone over. Andrew makes sure he gets his share of hitting; although he usually is hoarding the balls. When we ask him for one, he says, "No, no, mine!" We usually ask him just to hear him say that. :)

My latest project has been our computer/craft room. When I got done with preschool, I put everything I had for it in the room on the floor because a.) I didn't know where to put it all and b.) I just didn't want to spend the time finding a place to put it all away. When we got back from our trip, I decided that if I was going to get any scrapbooking done (my goal for the summer), I had better clean up my space. We got two filing cabinets from Rhett's work (one for him and one for me), and so I have spent the past week filing all my church, preschool, and craft stuff neatly away. I finally got the floor of the room cleaned up (which is a feat in and of itself, considering I only clean it up when we have company sleeping in there), but now the project is to clean off my table so I can actually get working. Hopefully it doesn't take me another week....maybe if I wasn't on the computer so much...


Katie said...

Fun ball players. I really wish we were closer...Anthony would love some playmates who loved baseball as much as he does! I'm glad you are staying busy. Where did you find out about free lunch at the park? I wonder if Idaho Falls has that too.

Amanda said...

Sounds like you have a busy summer ahead of you, it's sad how fast summer goes by. Good for you on deciding to catch up on your scrapbooking, that's what I need to do also. Your flowers look beautiful! I've also been working hard on our yard, sometimes it feels never ending.