Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summertime Hair

Rhett has been shaving his head for the past couple of months now and asks me everytime the boys need a haircut if we can shave their head as well. I always tell him no - mainly because I really don't like the way it looks - but I figured for the summertime, we could reduce the time it takes to get ready for the day by shaving the boys' heads. Porter has been asking me for a while when we were going to cut his and Zach had originally said he didn't want his buzzed, but after watching Porter and Dad, Zach gave in. We did the haircuts outside and I couldn't believe the amount of hair on the ground! They boys love their new haircuts and I joke with them now about combing their hair. I do refuse to cut Andrew's like that, though. His full head of hair keeps him so cute!


The Nielsens said...

I love the "thug" look that Zach is giving in that picture. Less time getting ready means more time to play... maybe I should shave my head.

Bruce L. Hunt said...

I think Porter and Zach look great! I love reading all your posts. Thanks for keeping us up on all your "goings on". We love you all. Can't wait for the Gorge! Love, Grandma Hunt

Marianne said...

I set up my own account, so now maybe I can quailify to have my own name on my comments!