Monday, June 16, 2008

How does your garden grow??

I finally finished planting the garden today. Jett was over today and after lunch at the park, I put Andrew down for his nap, sent Porter to the neighbors and had the other neighbor, Jakob come over. With the boys entertained, I rolled up my sleeves (in hopes of getting rid of my t-shirt-sleeve tan) and went outside to plant. I planted a few annuals in my back flower bed to finish one section, a purple sage bush, and a red dahlia plant (my favorite!). Then it was on to the garden where I planted cucumbers, onions, carrots, broccoli, califlower, marigolds, and some zinnias. The green beans are going in tomorrow after they soak for the night. My pumpkins, cantaloupe, and zucchini have sprouted and the peppers and tomatoes are still alive, so that's good! In my other flower bed against the fence I planted more dahlia seeds. Now it's waiting time! I love watching everything grow and am amazed every year how fast it grows. I love being in the garden and out with my flowers. There's nothing more satisfying than getting my hands into the dirt and seeing the outcome of my hard work! However, I do have one bad habit - forgetting to put on sunscreen!! The tops of my knees are a tad red along with my arms. It was a perfect day to be out working - no blustery winds, warm, but cloudy enough to keep the sun from blaring down. But I also forget that sun is sun and clouds or no clouds, it burns. I'll learn someday. Meanwhile, I'm getting a really good tan!!

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The Nielsens said...

When I get my own house, I am going to call you to learn how to plant a garden. You are a pro at it!