Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I've been tagged to share 7 random or weird things about myself, but I'm going to change it up a bit. Instead, I'm going to share 7 (or so) things I can't live without (which should give you the same amount of insite into me). Here we go:

1. Lysol Sanatizing Wipes - These are God's gift to the cleaning woman. I buy the three-pack at Costso and keep a container in each of my bathrooms with glass cleaning wipes for quick wipedowns when I don't have time for the sponge and Ajax. I can clean up the counters, sink and toilet in no time (which is great considering I have a household of boys) and it looks like I slaved all day!!

2. My Swiffer Sweeper-Vac - Another wonderful invention. I HATED having to sweep my kitchen everyday and the sweeper-vac not only picks up pieces as big as whole cereal, but also gets all the dust and dirt and normally gets pushed around with a broom. My floor is clean in no time.

3. Shout Stain Remover - (yes, I know, this list seems to be all about household products, but anything that makes cleaning easier for me is wonderful!) I have yet so see a stain that this doesn't get out (as long as I remember to put it on the clothing...). It even gets the nasty ring-around-the-collar stains on Rhett's work shirts out. I swear by this stuff.

4. Chocolate - o.k., we all know by now that I'm a chocoholic. I will take it dark or milk, as long as it doesn't have any kind of nuts. Which is funny because I could eat chocolate covered peanuts all day. Go figure.

5. Grey's Anatomy - I love this show. My mom introduced it to me last summer and I can't get enough. I love Thursday nights because I get my Grey's fix. Except during the summer when I have to watch reruns - which is o.k. because I like the reruns as much as the new episodes. This show is so witty, funny, enjoyable, and sexy (yes, I did say sexy). Plus, I think Patrick Demsey is so hot. Have you seen that hair and his smile?? Seriously.

6. Chapstick - Forget lipstick, lipgloss, lip balm...chapstick does it for me. You will always find me with a tube of chapstick. There's nothing worse than dry, chapped lips. Enough said.

7. My van - I drive a '05 Dodge Grand Caravan with Stow-and-go seating and I love it. It fits everything - everytime we go on a trip I am amazed how much we can fit in the car. It drives so smooth and makes traveling a dream.

8. My boys (that includes my husband) - I love my boys and love being surrounded by four "men" who think I am the best woman on the face of the earth. They give me purpose, reason, motivation, and teach me some of the most important lessons I need to learn. Plus, they are so fun to be with. I can't imagine life without them.

So there ya go. I tag Jenny, Katie Williams, Tanya, Amanda, Jodi and whoever else wants to join. Do either list - the random things about you, or what you can't live without. Enjoy!


Ryan and Debra said...

I am definitely interested in that Swiffer sweeper vac thingy you mentioned. I cannot keep my kitchen hardwood floors clean and anything that would make it easier sounds great! I loved reading all of your tags. It's so fun getting to know more about ya.

Deon said...

I loved reading this one!!! I totally agree with most of them!! How has everything else been for you?

Jared and Tanya's Family said...

Good to know. I love that you change it up a little. As for tagging me. Oh great, I am horrible at those. We will see.

Jared and Tanya's Family said...

Oh and as for Grey's, well my sister is hooked on that one too, but me it is all "House".