Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday is a special day

I love Saturdays with nothing to do. Sometimes it's the only day of the week that I feel I can get truly rested.

I took Porter and we went to the temple this morning with the Primary. We met with a tour guide who told us lots of things about the temple and some facts that I didn't even know. Here's one... On the top of many of the temple spires is Angel Moroni with his trumpet; He faces East because that is the direction Jesus Christ will come from when He comes again. But there are three temples where Angel Moroni is facing West - do you know which three they are??

Zach was going to go with us, but he was up last night with croup. Poor thing, he woke up wheezing so bad and the best thing I could do for him was sit in the steamy bathroom. He's feeling better today, but has a mild fever. Porter's been coughing lately, too. I hope we can get it all done before we leave for Phoenix in two weeks.

But now for the rest of the day. My grocery shopping is done, so I really have no where to go. I do have to take some baked potatoes over to the church and make a run to Wal-Mart for some face wash, but other than that, no other plans. Maybe I'll take a nap... with Rhett home, maybe it can even be an uninterrupted one.

Oh - speaking of Rhett - As of June 12th, he is an official CPA!! He has his certificate (although he was a bit disappointed it was only a half-sheet size) and I am so proud of him for finally reaching this goal! It's been a long road, but he has worked hard and it is well deserved.

Anyways, I'm off to take potatoes - later!


Greg said...

Yeah Rhett! Congratulations!!!! That is pretty awesome. He has worked so hard to get that. He is an inspiration to us all. Way to go!

Greg said...

That was jodi by the way. Although I'm sure Greg would say the same thing. We'll just say the congratulations came from us both.

Jana Perkins said...

Congrats Rhett. What a long road. Okay, I give up, what are the three temples?

The Nielsens said...

Congrats Rhett!! Way to go!

And honestly, Steph, how can your Saturday be relaxing? I get a lot more done than normal since Eric is home to help with the kids, but by the end of the day I'm exhausted and can't wait for Sunday.