Sunday, March 22, 2009

Saturday is a Special Day

Yesterday was another fabulous day.
The boys got up, watched their cartoons,
then did their chores willingly
and got their precious "Penny Store."
We were expecting Aunt Melissa in the afternoon
but she called to say she was sick
and didn't want to share...
(Feel better, Leepie!!)

So we called Rhett up at work
and met him downtown for a great time.
We rode Trax to Temple Square,
and visited the Church History Museum.
I loved going through the different stages of church history
and explaining all the stories to the boys.

Then it was upstairs to the "I Am A Child of God" exhibit
made just for kids.
There was coloring, temple building, CTR rubbing,
and much, much more.
What a fun way to have the kids enjoy the gospel.

When we got out fill, we walked over to temple square.
The grounds were beautiful as always,
with the first spring flowers
showing their brilliant colors.
It was pretty now, but in a month
it's going to be gorgeous.
I can't wait to be there for conference
I may not be able to resist spending the time outside with the flowers...

We hung out by the reflecting pool,
walked along the flower beds
and saw a new bride and groom
fresh in their new life together.
I took lots of pictures...
here's a few:

The last one is my favorite...

Today, we only have 2 hours of church.
The Draper temple dedication is today at 4:30
and since our church goes until 4:00,
they are cutting it short so those that are attending the dedication
can make it on time.
They had asked Rhett and I to speak
but we found out last minute yesterday that they are making some changes
and need the time for testimonies
But we still have a standing invitation for sometime next month...

Better get moving...


Jana Perkins said...

Really great pictures! I need to get down there and hang with you guys soon...

Katie said...

HA! HA! Giving talks in a new ward. HA! HA! I am glad you had fun at the Temple!