Friday, March 20, 2009


Today was another beautiful day.
I love springtime
The sun, the warmth,
the flowers and trees starting to grow and bud
with their promise of color
I really can't wait
It's my favorite.

We had to spend time out today.
Zach, Andrew and I went out a little earlier
to meet Porter at the bus
And spent the extra time flying down the hill on their bikes
There's not a more wonderful sound
than the laughter of a child.

We are missing our backyard right now
and the freedom the boys had of being able to roam
out in the grass, in the open.
In an attempt to get them safely outside,
yesterday we got a box, sand, and toys
and Wa-la!
Instant sand box!
Andrew could have spent all day
out there on the patio
dumping, pouring, filling and emptying
the other boys had their time as well
Mission accomplished

An hour before dinner was to be made
we headed back outside for more sunshine
We landed at the playground
for climbing, slides and a game of tag
On the way back,
Andrew insisted on being carried
I didn't want to
So he planted his feet and presumed his "pouty face"
Arms folded, frowny mouth, and sad eyes

I gave in (I always do)
(for the sake of getting home in a reasonable time, of course)
The pizza was made, ice cream for treat
and then off to bed -
For the boys, of course.

I'm looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow
the morning routine calls for chores to be done,
then the "penny store" for the boys
(rewards to "buy" with tickets earned throughout the week for getting their chores done)
Rhett will be working -
Hopefully it will be easy going tomorrow.


Katie said...

Hey did you stay up late and buy TWilight??? There were tons of parties out here last night for the BIG EVENT! I just thought the whole thing was funny. I am going to rent to movie and watch it with Kellsie. She is really excited about it.

Arizona Nielsens said...

Yeah!! Warm weather, sandboxes and hard-earned prizes. It sure sounds fun at your house!