Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Zach's Big News

Zach lost his first tooth today!!

After days of wiggling and pulling,
wiggling and pulling,
his tooth was finally loose enough to come out this morning.
He couldn't stop grinning
and grinned at everyone he saw.
He's very excited for the Tooth Fairy tonight.
(I just hope she remembers...)

Melissa came down this afternoon from Logan
She needed Andrew's help with her homework.
We picked up Porter for school
then it was to Sports Authority for soccer shoes.
Rhett came home a bit earlier from work;
but just in time to eat, pack the rest of his bag
and head out the door for the drive to Idaho.
He promised the boys he would bring them back a potato...

The boys are in bed
Andrew's watching Caillou and will be in bed shortly
I will probably follow shortly after
I'm so tired.


Arizona Nielsens said...

What's the going rate for the tooth fairy these days? What a big boy Zach is becoming... I can't believe he's old enough to lose teeth!!

Amanda said...

How exciting Zach! What an adorable smile he has.

Katie said...

Tell him congrats from the Giras Family. How much did the tooth fairy leave him?

Ryan and Debra said...

Way to go Zach! He looks so Excited! I love toothless kids!

Natalie said...

are you kidding? Never has anyone in my family lost a tooth before first grade. crazy.