Monday, March 23, 2009

Just when you thought it was safe...

After a fabulous, sun-shiny, warm week and weekend,
we woke up to this:

What the...??? SNOW?!?!? Who ordered the cold stuff??

After not snowing hardly a lick all winter,
the white stuff reared it's chilly head
and reminded us all that the best snow in Utah
usually comes in March and April....

I would have preferred to spend the day inside,
however, I had to grocery shop
since it didn't get done on Saturday
(because we were busy doing other, fun things.)
So I braved Wal-Mart with Zach and Andrew in tow.
I really dislike taking the kids grocery shopping;
my patience is usually shot about half-way through.

But we survived two stores
(darn that wal-mart that doesn't have acini de pepe pasta
for my craved frog-eye salad)
and got the jitters out at Grandma's for a while.
Then it was to the school for Porter
and home for clean-up and dinner
and banana bread... YUM!!

Rumor has it it's going to snow/rain all week
We'll stay in tomorrow
then pick up Porter at school and take him to get soccer shoes.
He has his first practice on Wednesday -
He's pretty excited.

We were lucky to have Rhett home tonight
since he didn't have to go to Vernal today.
However, it turns bitter -
He's headed to St. Anthony, Idaho tomorrow
and will be gone til Friday.
So I get to play "single mom" all week...


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Arizona Nielsens said...

Too bad Porter's in school or you could make a run to Phoenix this week for some warmer weather. The girls would love to see your boys!