Thursday, March 12, 2009

The latest

There really hasn't been much going on to blog about lately (which sounds really pathetic). We spend most of our days sitting around in our tiny apartment, taking care of the needs for the day and figuring out things to do. I've read 5 books since the new year started and am in my sixth. Needless to say, we're just biding our time until we make the move to Vernal.

Porter has learned to whistle. I think he whistled the whole time he was home the first day he figured out how. He was chosen as Student of the Month in his class last month for showing the quality of respect. He is doing great in school and reads anything and everything. His favorite thing is dinosaurs and he dreams of "digging up dinosaurs" when he grows up. I guess Vernal will be the perfect place for him. His top front teeth are finally growing in - which I am glad, yet I miss his toothless grins.

This is a common scene on our house: Zach in a cape, gloves and sometimes more with a light saber. He takes on a new character everyday. One of his favorite things is to "build" with his Lego's and he makes some pretty cool stuff. He's become my inquisitive child - always asking questions every moment of the day. He's become very curious about what words mean and has always got something on his mind.

Andrew's new favorite thing is to color. He can constantly be found in our play room, marker in hand drawing various scribbles and lines. He has mastered his shapes, numbers, and colors, and is quickly learning his letters; his favorite being "A for Andrew". His most common response to my requests and comments is "huh?" It's become a game; he says, "You say Hmmm, I say Huh." Then we go back and forth for a while. He's become quite the character. His other favorite thing is to get all the games out of the closet and play - after scattering them all about.

Rhett's been feeling the pain of going back to tax accouting. The poor man is never home. He travels to Vernal every Monday with his boss and they return Tuesday evening. He usually doesn't get home from work until after 7:00 in the evening during the week and is working Saturdays as well. Needless to say, we are both can't wait for April 16th. But regardless, we are very thankful that he has a good job.

I'm trying to maintain sanity in our cave of an apartment. I thought I'd get lots of scrapbooking done, but to no avail. I even made a goal of finishing one layout every week, but that hasn't helped either. I'm much more content reading a book or watching a random movie on TV. Any suggestions on how to get motivated again??


Ryan and Debra said...

I have no suggestions on getting re-motivated because I feel as though I am in the same slump...Bored of being indoors and Ready for Spring to Stay! You are always welcome to come out here to Roosevelt while your hubby is working in Vernal..We have lots of space to run and play. Kaden would be in heaven with your family of boys! We know how tax season is..Busy Busy Busy!
Love the new Family Pictures! Good Luck!

Arizona Nielsens said...

I say RELAX!! You're always on the go and doing so many things... so this is your chance to take a break before the big move and real life sets back in. I'm proud of you for sitting still for a little while... I didn't think Supermom was capable of doing that.

Amanda said...

I could use a good book to read, let me know what good ones you've read. I need some serious scrapbooking motivation also. We'll have to plan a weekend and maybe we can both get some scrapbooking done!