Thursday, April 2, 2009

Busy day

Today was busy...
We got up,
watched a bit of cartoons,
and got ready for the day.
Then we took some more stuff to the storage unit,
went to Wal-Mart,
then I dropped the two boys off at Grandma's
for it was my day to help in Porter's class.
Once we got out of school,
it was back to Grandma's for the boys,
then home for homework and an early dinner,
then off to the park for Porter's soccer practice
where it was FREEZING!
The actual temperature was o.k.
but the wind was horrible
and we sat out there for an hour.
Zach was perfectly content to play on the playground
(I think he has his dad's cold weather blood)
but Andrew got a bit chilly -
me, too.
Finally it was home for tubs and showers
and off to bed,
so I can pick up the rest of the place
to get ready for the family coming tomorrow.
Tomorrow's busy, too
things to get done...

I still have yet to watch my Thursday night shows
That's on the schedule after I pick up the play room.
Poor Rhett still isn't home yet
(it's 9:45 p.m.)
and I don't expect him home for another hour.
Darn that tax season...


Jana Perkins said...

Being busy is a blessing. Being bored is a curse. I'm glad you are blessed. Have a great weekend!

Bryan and Janelle Guymon said...

At least tax saeson is almost over, then hopefully you will see your husband a little more! Hope you guys have fun with your family!