Friday, April 24, 2009

Daddy's Home

The boys sure love their dad...

Rhett came home last night
after being in Vernal since Monday.
The boys were sure happy to see him
I was, too.
Andrew has freaked out twice
because he thought dad was going to leave again.

Rhett was home today
and the boys have had a great time.
They've built dinosaurs
played baseball
lauched parachute guys
played Wii
and we all went to the movies
to see Monsters vs Aliens.

Andrew only talks to Rhett now -
When he says something
and I acknowledge it,
he tells me
"no mom, I'm talking to dad"
This morning he got in trouble and was put in his bed
After a minute, he was yelling
"Dad! Come get me out!"
I went in to resolve the trouble
He wouldn't even talk to me
let alone look at me
I asked if he wanted dad to get him out
and I got a subtle nod
Rhett went in and got him out...

Boy am I lucky
to have married a man
that adores his kids
and his kids adore him.

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