Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Scrapbooking, Easter and Fun

I know it's been a while
but we just had too much fun last week
with so much going on.
My family was in town -
We went to Sunday morning conference.
I love being in the Conference Center
especially when the prophet comes in and out
and when we sing the interlude hymn
If people sang as well as they do there in sacrament meeting,
it would raise the roof...
What an amazing way to bring the spirit in even stronger
The choir singing "We Thank Thee Oh God For a Prophet"
works as well...

The week was spent at Aunt Myrna's
where I scrapped my behind off
(as promised)
I got about 16 pages done
and three finished that I had started years ago
I came home feeling very accomplished
and in hopes that the motivation continues

We would go over in the morning
and the boys spent the time jumping on the tramp

watching movies

playing with Uncle Dan
and enjoing their cousins
We would come home for dinner,
then when Rhett would come home and the boys were in bed,
I would go back over for another few hours.
It was a great time.

We had a nice Easter
The boys woke up to the "bunny trail"
(jelly beans led to their baskets)
They each received a home-made church bag
and a coloring book
We colored eggs

And would have made it to church,
but Andrew had been running a fever
and Porter got sick
So we stayed home and enjoyed being together.
Zach, Andrew and I ventured to Grandma Hunt's
for a wonderful Easter dinner.
We had to postpone our Egg hunt til next week
When everyone can attend...

Today is Rhett's favorite day
April 15th
The last day of busy tax season
I take that back...
Tomorrow will be his favorite day
when he can come home at a decent time
Or maybe it will be on Saturday
When he doesn't have to get up early and go to work
The relief of busy season being over
won't last long for us
Starting next week,
Rhett will be in Vernal Monday to Thursday
That will last until we move out there -
at the end of June
Wish me luck...


Katie said...

Sounds like a blast. Any word yet on your home?

Darrell and Alissa said...

Everytime April 15th comes around I think of you and Rhett- what a great day for you both!

Natalie said...

Stephanie- wish you could come do your husband-less nights with me! Ben has to work quite a bit here until he graduates and WE move in June. :)

Ryan and Debra said...

We also love April 15th...Wahoo!!! It sounds like you guys had such a fun Easter and I am totally jealous of all the scrapbooking you managed to accompish! I Look forward to seeing you move to Vernal Shortly. Let Rhett know that if he gets bored, he should stop on by...Lots of Luck!