Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hump Day

This morning, I so wanted it to be a lazy day
we didn't have anything particular to do
I would've prefered to sit on the couch all day
and read my book.
But the boys always have other plans.
Then I walked into our "play" room
and decided that it was way too cluttered.
So I rearranged the closet,
moved the two big filing cabinets into the closet
moved some other things around
and now there's a lot more space.
I started to go through the boys' room as well
trying to find space for their constant growing supply of toys.
I even changed everyone's bedsheets
and finished the laundry.
Pretty good for a lazy day, huh??

However, I did get lazy about dinner
and rather than try to scrounge up leftovers
for our leftover night,
I decided we'd better go out for burgers.
We ended up at BK -
the one with the playground, of course.
They boys were hungry because they finished their burgers
before they even wanted to play.
They were so cute on the playground together
helping each other,
waiting for each other
playing with each other.
I love watching them be friends
and wish I could remind them of those moments
when they are fighting like cats and dogs.

Two more days til family's here,
then it's party time!!


Angie said...

I hate sheet washing day. I don't mind getting them washed, but I hate putting them back on the beds...oh well. Sounds like a busy day to me. Are you guys still in Salt Lake?? Don't you love living in an apartment?? We did that one year ago. Hope all is well!

Jana Perkins said...

Sounds like you're hanging in there. If I could have lazy days like you, I'd be a happy women.