Saturday, April 25, 2009

Silence is Golden

Oh, how I love silence.
No yelling
talking loudly
insane laughing
(not that I don't like that part)
But I really love silence.
Do you hear it??


Rhett went to Albuquerque today with his dad
to get the rest of our stuff
that didn't fit in the moving truck the first time.
He called to say they were there
and that he was glad I hadn't come
and seen the house
and friends.
He thinks I wouldn't have come back to UT
and he's probably right.
I miss Albuquerque a lot more than I thought I would
I loved our house
and beautiful yard
and all our friends
and all the attractions ABQ had
like seeing the balloons flying in the early morning
and the Balloon Fiesta in October;
the zoo with it's great animals and playground;
the jets that used to fly over our house on their way to the air force base.
It's very bittersweet being here in SLC
I know there are bigger and better things for us
waiting in Vernal
It's just having the patience
to finally get there.

The boys and I had a busy, but fun day today
We started with Porter's soccer game
He played goalie the first half
and poor thing -
all the action stayed down at the other end
so between standing there
and the cloudy 45 degree weather,
he was an icicle by halftime.
We warmed him up in the third quarter
and he played in the fourth and played midfield
so he got some action time.

Afterwards, it was to the grocery store
then home for lunch,
then off to the Museum of Ancient Life.
They have a series of exhibits at the beginning
where they explain fossils and how the earth was long ago
They boys didn't think to highly of it
and Zach finally said to me,
"Mom, I just want to see the bones."
We all had a great time
Porter was in heaven being surrounded by dinosaurs

What an awesome place.

Then it was off to Costco,
then home for dinner.
After dinner we cleaned up,
then played UNO together
Porter said, "I like nights like these"
I do, too...

On a side note
Zach started T-ball on Thursday with their first game/practice

The boys were hilarious to watch
Some had no idea what to do
and would hit the ball, then field it themselves
Others would hit, then run everywhere
but around the bases
I sure was proud of our little Zachy
who knew exactly what to do...

I'm off now to watch my movie
Seven Pounds
and enjoy the silence...


Darrell and Alissa said...

Awww, I know what you mean! When Darrell is gone the nights are VERY quiet- the first night I enjoy the silence- the next few are BORING and I start counting down hours until someone else besides me is up!
Soon enough you will be in your own home and have a beautiful yard again- at least you don't have to worry about mowing or weeds while you are in an apt!!!

Katie said...

Did you need me to remind you of the reasons you LEFT albuquerque? I can do it, you know I can. Schools??? Crime??? Crazy People??? cars that explode behind the house??? (Well, that was entertaining, so you might miss that). I could make a more detailed list for you if you need one. Let me know. You are safe where you are. Don't be too sad. You will move soon and have a nice yard.